Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick ♥

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 220 Pink Chic

I've been hearing a bit of buzz around the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks lately and thought i'd try them out for myself!  I was strolling through a cosmetic aisle at Walmart and spotted the shiny, purple packaging i'd recognized from videos and blogposts and trotted over to check them out :)
I landed on the shade, 220 Pink Chic, because it looked like a lighter, baby pink when i swatched it on the back of my hand, and thought it would look really nice on the lips!  It's not a Snob type of light pink, but more of a medium, bright pink - which is still very wearable and i still adore.
One thing that i absolutely love about this lipstick is that it has an SPF of 18, which makes this lippie really great for summer!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 220 Pink Chic: left, without flash - right, with flash

Texture: The texture is really nice!  The lipstick applies very smoothly & is more of a glossy-feeling lipstick than a thick, creamy one - it is still a bit creamy though, it's what i imagine the texture of a MAC Glaze lippie would be like.
Taste/Scent: It doesn't really have a taste, but i absolutely looooove the smell!  I don't really know how to describe it, it doesn't smell like a MAC or Clinique lippie, but it definately does still smell like lipstick.  Mmmm, i just adore it!
Drying?: These lipsticks are made to be moisturizing, and i found this lipstick pretty non-drying, even without a lip balm underneath, but i wouldn't say it adds a ton of moisture to your lips.  After wearing this out for a couple hours though, i notice the product settles into the rougher part of my lips - not that it's too noticeable (mainly because of the color) - but close up, it's not too attractive.  Reapplying the product solves that issue though :)
Durability: In my opinion, the amount of time this lippie last on your lips is just a little less than average, for me it requires about two reapplications through a 10-hour day - which isn't horrible, but i've experienced a bit better on this front.
 Pigmentation: The pigmentation on the shade i have is really nice, i haven't tried any other shade in this range, but out of the two other ones i swatched & this one that i've used, they have really nice pigmentation.  You can wear this as more of a sheer, subtle, but glossier color, or you can really build it up for it to stand out a bit more.
Packaging: I'm a sucker for flashy, kind of tacky packaging, so i enjoy this packaging :)  I adore the crown logo on the top of the cap, and the purple outside.  Of course it's nothing too luxurious or gorgeous, but i still like it!
Price: I got this a while ago, so i'm not certain how much it costs, but i know it's around $6.00 at Walmart, which is around the average price for a drugstore lipstick.  The price really isn't too bad, especially for the quality of the product you're getting.

Overall thoughts
I really recommend this to anyone looking for a really nice, quality lipstick, but doesn't want to scoop out a lot of money for it.  I also recommend this to anyone who has problems with lipstick drying out their lips, but still wants a bit of color!  I'm really curious to try out other shades in this range, and i'll probably be taking a trip to the drugstore soon to check 'em out :)


  1. I have one of these in Nude Delight and lovew it so mucch! :) that looks like a lovely colour x

  2. very nice review! not too sure why i read it because I already adore these lipsticks and have built up quite a collection! I guess it's always nice to see what other people think of your old favourites =)

  3. very nice blog !!! pass to mine and follow me!
    xoxo francesca :)

  4. i loove these lipsticks but i dont have it in that gorgeous shade of pink. i think im gonna have to go get myself one.

    loved the review, so indepth :)


  5. That look like such a pretty colour! Great review!

  6. I have this color too and I love it. I like the formula & the packaging, so I need to check out the other colors.

  7. Nice review!
    If I didn't already own this lipstick I would pick it up. (:

  8. oh my dollface i freekin love this color.
    pink is just the best, and i love it on the lips.<3

  9. This is such a nice colour, i have one of these in coral, but i hated it because it had so much glitter in it, but this one looks great! :) xx