Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Haul, Rant, & Awards!

According to the little poll on the left sidebar of my blog, 58% of you would like to see more hauls on my little bloggity blog!  That being the case, i thought i'd show you a few things i got recently!  Tbh, i don't go shopping very often mainly because i am running low on money / saving up for my trip to London & Paris next year.
But my mom so kindly treated me to some things in Forever 21 and a bracelet, because she is so lovely :)
Oh and i desperately need to go into Lush & get a chunk of Vanilla in the Mist soap & perhaps Floating Island Bath Melt!

♥ Forever 21 Striped Floral Top - $17.50
-lookin' a little boxy lying there!
-link here

♥ Forever 21 pink tank top - $2.50
-a big too short on me =/

♥ Forever 21 Shoulder Bag  - $22.80
- not really sure how i feel about this bag tbh.  Like, i like it & all but i don't know how much use i'd get out of it, i kind of want a pretty, girly, quilted Chanel-esque bag with a long chain, but i can't find one anywhere!  Anyone know of any place that has any affordable ones?

♥ Boston Store Pearl Bracelet - $8.50 i believe
-used to have a flower on it but it fell off within a couple hours of purchase


This definately isn't a 'beauty' type of photo lol - just a few ranty bits i feel the need to share!
-I've been completely dissatisfied with my hair at the mo.  I like the overall length & all, but my bangs are horrible, i have a bunch of product buildup, and my hair is really unhealthy.  I need a haircut badly, but i just don't want to get any length off! =/
-Since starting Yaz two weeks ago, my skin has improved a bit, but it's supposed to be a month before you actually start seeing results - ugh, i really can't wait.
-The sweatshirt i'm wearing in this photo my grandma gave to me, it's a USA Olympic Team one - & ahhhh it's sooo comfy! :)


I was recently given two awards buy two very lovely bloggers! :)
Thank you soooooooo much ladies! ♥

I was awarded the Sunshine Award from the lovely Josie - i absolutely adore her & her blog!

And i was given the Stylish Blogger Award from Olivia - who has such a cute blog!!
A part of this tag is to say five facts about yourself, so here we go!:

1. I feel like no one actually cares to read five facts about me, so i'll try to make this quick!
2. I hate school, if that's not the most obvious thing ever.  When people say they hate school, they still try really hard to get good grades, they show up everyday, and they can tolerate it & all, but honestly, i hate it - most of the teachers, students, & ugh i just can't wait to get out.
3. I hope i don't repulse any of you, but i have the same thumbs as Megan Fox.  If you don't already know what they look like, i'm sorry, i'm not providing a photo!  Understand it takes courage to admit this to you all! Don't make fun of me :(
4. I joined marching band.  It's so nerdy, i know!  I love music & need more after school activities, so yeah!  It starts up in late June and goes through all of summer & into autumn :)  Our show this year is The Nightmare Before Christmas!
5. I'm not a big fan of chick flicks tbh!  They are just so unrealistic to me, that they just make me upset by the end of it!  I still watch them sometimes though - i'm a sucker for a cute male lead :)


  1. I love your new buys!

    Well I want to read the facts about you! Maybe that makes me a stalker but meh haha! I always worry about facts and stuff as well, I'm just a mega boring person!

    I googled Megan Fox's thumbs lol! My boyfriend is going to think I have some weird ass fetishes if he sees it in the history!! ... My friend from school has the exact same so I've never thought anything off it... I just thought everyone was unique!

    My hairs getting so unhealthy too... last time I went to the hairdressers they chopped it all off.. :( So I'm just trying to get the split ends myself.

    You're gorgeous btw xxx

  2. The top is gorgeous, i love it! :) xx

  3. Hey Laura,

    I tagged you for an ward on my blog check out!! Keep up the good work :)

  4. Ahhh everything that you bought is so cute, i've been looking for a small shoulder bag like that for summer, I love it!

    I kind of want a chanel type chain one as well... I saw one at a thrift store but it was red so I passed. Aside from that I know that Asos has cute ones that are around 30 dollars including shipping!


  5. <3 the top Laura... it's cute xx

  6. hello!
    the outifit is very nice ! i like this bag and tee shirt :)
    hop to see u!

  7. youre too freekin cute.
    nice goods, love all of it.<3

  8. Of course we want to know these things about you! We wouldn't read otherwise. What are you studying for? And marching is uber-cool in my non-geeky, perfectly normal opinion. I think it looks great!