Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in photos.

This past year was filled with so much change and growing up - from getting a job and my driver's license, to getting a new camera and traveling to Europe.  It had its ups and downs but i'll definitely be remembering 2011 as an amazing year overall.  I'm anticipating 2012 to be an even bigger year, with even more change.  I hope 2011 was as good to you as it was me and that we all have an even better 2012.

How are you all ringing in the New Year?  I work in the morning 8:30-3 (Someone thought it would be a good idea to have a massive tool sale, ugh), but at night i'll be seeing Skrillex (judge all you want, haha) with friends and having a good time. ;)
Stay safe & have a happy new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts.

NARS Laguna bronzing powder and a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight.

A Marilyn Monroe calendar, gift cards - TGI Fridays, H&M, Wendy's, Forever 21, Big Apple Bagels, Pacsun, gas card, and cash maaaney.

Vampire Diaries Season Two, gold band from Forever 21, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (returning to Amazon & getting a copy for my Kindle instead!).

Aztec-print top with pocket, gloves, fuzzy socks.

Lush goodies! (going clockwise) Magic Wand bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar (one of my all time fave Lush products!), Phoenix Rising bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bar.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Instant Camera.  This was the gift i was probably most excited to receive!  If you haven't heard of it before, it's basically like an old school Polaroid camera, but since Polaroid stopped making the film for its cameras, Fujifilm came out with an alternative.  It's lightweight & really cool looking (imo!), and the photos it produces are really cute and vintage looking.  (You can see one of the images in my Merry Christmas post, it's in the last photo!).  Although the film is quite expensive, i'm so excited to bring this on nights out & such!

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.

A few photos from my Christmas Eve!  Spent it with my immediate family.  We feasted, opened presents (i will probably show you all what i got in another post!), and just relaxed by the fire.  Probably my favorite way to spend Christmas, with loved ones, warmth, & loads of treats. Today i'm going to my uncle's to celebrate with more of my family & eat some more!  Hope you're all have lovely Christmases. ♥

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm still here.

1. Posey pose, 2. Amazing onesies from Target, i need the bunny one in my life!, 3. Reading, milk & cookies!, 4. Best fraand, 5. My fave tee in my wardrobe, 6. Love these little treats, trying to get in the ~Christmas spirit~, 7. Kindle case, woop., 8. Essie "Lady Like", 9. Mug shot

Long time, no see.  A bunch of stuff has been going on lately & on top of my laziness, i just haven't wanted to blog as much as usual.  Not making any promises of trying to blog because i don't know if i'll be able to keep them!  Thanks for sticking by me though, it's crazy that while i kind of abandoned BCD, i've still been gaining followers.  Thanks again, i don't deserve you guys. ;)

Lately, i've really just been trying to hang out with friends as much as possible, while still working, keeping up with school, etc.  I also bought a Kindle a few weeks ago and i've been totally loving it!  I bought that mushroom case off of a seller on Etsy, might do a seperate post on it eventually, but yeah.  Hope you've all been well. ♥  Even though i may not be on here too much, i'm always on Twitter & Tumblr.

Can you believe it's already Christmas Eve tomorrow?  I'm in denial.. there's no snow on the ground & i still have so much shopping to do!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


November is one of my favorite months for many reasons (the weather, getting into the holiday season, etc), but one of the top reasons is No Shave November.  Something about a guy with facial hair... nom.  I do like a bit of scruff to be honest, it's just so ~manly~ i suppose. ;)
Not only do i enjoy the men participating in No Shave November/Movember getting scruffier as the month goes on, but i think it's awesome that it raises awareness for men's health (prostate cancer, etc.) as well.
Movember has an official website on which you can donate money, learn more about the cause, participate, etc.!
Since i cannot grow a beard or a mustache of any kind, i thought i could kind of show my support through these quirky little earrings (above :).  I think they're adorable & they were only $5.50 from Claire's, woop.

Hope you're all having nice weekends. ♥
Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away?  Crazy how fast time flies!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Etsy findings.

I love browsing on Etsy whenever i'm in the mood for a bit of online shopping.  I can always count on finding something unique and quirky, and it's great supporting our fellow awesome and creative people of the internet imo!  One of my favorite sections to scour on Etsy has to be jewelry.  Sometimes i can find the jewelry in shops to all be the same or just overpriced, so i've been turning to Etsy lately for my gem fix.
Below are two (the third was a gift!) of my latest findings.
cross stud - thrifted
I was watching one of Beauty Crush's videos and she was wearing an ear cuff that she had got from Fashionology & i decided i needed one for myself!  I then did a bit of searching on Etsy for a less expensive option and landed on the Triple Chain Silver Ear Cuff from kaylaivelisse.  I could've very easily spent a lot of money in her shop, i love the edginess to all of her pieces!
The piece i got is very nice quality and arrived quickly without any damage.  It came with a little clear back for the stud, but i seem to have misplaced it (standard) so when i wear it i just but any earring back on it.  I figured i'd get the cuff with the three chains because i figured i could always modify it if i wanted to just have the cuff, or just one or two chains.  Including shipping, this was only $11.75 which is a fantastic deal. :)

I had lost my old Scrabble ring (also from Etsy) and really wanted a replacement.  So again, i turned to trusty Etsy for one.  (I know many people may think that Scrabble rings are 'over' but i still love mine & continue to get compliments on it!).  This time i got a wooden piece instead of the plastic one, but i think both look great. The one above is from GeekyGifts.  It was only $4.75 with shipping and as a bonus, she added the little bear ring.  It arrived in my mailbox super quickly as well and was unharmed.

My love for Etsy is undying, i've never had a bad experience using it and there are always amazing deals & goodies to be found. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

H&M and Topshop buys

Yet another H&M haul post from me.. what can i say?  I just can't stay away. ;)
Thought i'd do this post in a bit of a different format than my other haul posts.  Personally, i like this format a bit better as i think it looks so much nicer/artsy-er/cleaner than hanging each piece up on my wall to be photographed individually then being mashed up together on picnik!  I know it's a bit harder to see what the clothes look like, but hope you all don't mind.

I had the day off today and thought i'd go to H&M right when it opened (in attempt to beat the weekend rush) and i ended up spending a few hours in there.  I was on a mission to find things for the colder weather, but i didn't want to go an all out spree.  H&M has such a lovely fall and winter stock out at the moment, it's coats, sweaters, and mittens galore.  Want to go back for a new winter coat actually!
I have to go back to work tomorrow but i was so happy to have the day off!
Hope you're all enjoying you're weekends. <3

Boxy, batwinged sweaters - $19.95 each

Men's v-neck tee - $5.95
Leopard print top (hi/low hem, 3/4 length sleeves) - $14.95
Floral tank with buttons down the front - $14.95

Nail polish in Taupe - $1.95

Leopard print scarf - $14.95 (Was the last one mixed in with all the scarves and was apparently supposed to come with a hat?  Not sure what's up with that, but the scarf is massive and pretty haha)

Thought i'd update you all on these shoes.. I ended up returning the pair i showed in my previous post as they were just too small for my feet.  I reluctantly waited for them to go back in stock on the Topshop website and they finally did!  So glad i held out for the size up.  They are actually quite comfy & i just think they are gorgeous.