Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Summary ♥

 ♥ Currently nomming on some delicious banana chocolate chip bread that my grandma brought over yesterday (best bread of my life omg) & some butter popcorn that i've recently become obsessed with.
 ♥ These photos are actually from a few weeks ago that i found lounging about my computer.  Apparently my hands wanted to make it into every single picture.  I rarely wear my hair up with good reason - my hairline is so weird/my forehead is huge & my hair never seems to do what i want it to!
 ♥ Been feeling really down ever since the weekend started.  My dad has been unnecessarily mean & verbally abusive toward me and my sisters and mom.  Can't believe one person can make you feel so bad about yourself.
♥ Junior year is TOTALLY kicking my ass.  It's so hard balancing school and getting good grades, while still maintaining a life.  I miss kindergarten!
♥ Been listening to a ton of Brandon Flowers lately.  He is such a talented, beautiful man and artist.  This music video for Only the Young is so amazing, there's just something about it :).  I swear it's impossible for him to back an even somewhat-bad album ♥.  Love love love!


  1. I think your hair looks nice up (: Ignore your dad's comments. Don't take them to heart.

  2. Your hair looks lovely

  3. Your hair looks great, up or down, I promise! And that's horrible about your daddy. I hope he realizes what he's doing and stops ASAP because that's just not fair to you girls. Cheer up love. Keep listening to great songs because that always helps me when I'm down!

  4. I feel the same when my hair is up cos I feel I've got a massive forehead.. but yours looks lovely :)
    Ignore you Father, I think everyone goes through phases where people just wind people up, maybe he's just stressed? xx

  5. DArling I really think you look fine with your hair up. I do have a big forehead but I just love pulling up my bangs with a headband that I realyl dont care anymore. I hope your family life gets better. Good Luck with school, junior year was not one of my favorite but deff not one of the worst. Just think how close you are to being a senior!

  6. You look lovely with your hair up!
    I'm sorry to hear that about your father. I hope everything gets better soon!
    By the way, I love that manicure! Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I saw it in a video...? Haha xx

  7. hey girlie, I'm sorry to hear about the comments :(
    I agree, try not to take them to heart, you're amazing!!!

  8. you look gorgeous with your hair up!xxx

  9. Ohh i adore Brendon Flowers as well! Hes amazing <3!

    Your hair looks lovely up! :) xx

  10. Isn't Flamingo amazing?! Brandon Flowers is easily the best man on earth, I saw him live a few weeks ago - best night of my entire life. He's beautiful! Also, your hair looks lovely tied back :-) xx

  11. i totally understand what you mean about a) the weird hairline and b) how junior year is kicking your ass. i'm in the first year of sixth form and i feel like i'm drowning! maybe if i didn't have a part time job... but then i'd have no money. oh god.
    anyway, cheer up, you look really nice and hopefully all will be well soon :)
    x x x

  12. girl your hair looks great up, shushhhh.
    im sorry about your dadddy but i sure know how that feels.
    mine has a baaadd italian temper.
    i hope things get better,
    youre too good of a person.<3