Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite thrift store finds of 2011.

I've been working at a thrift store for about a year now (time really flies!) and over the past year, i've come across so many really great things.  So much of what i wear now is from the thrift store and it's honestly so difficult for me to spend money in other shops that i used to (well, still do) love - H&M, Forever 21, etc.  Since we run on solely donations, you never know what you're going to find.  There is such a huge range from high-end brands like Michael Kors or brands you've never even heard of.  You'll also find a range of old and new items, which for a lover of both vintage & modern things (like me) is awesome.  And of course, the prices are unbeatable, i got the majority of these items for next to nothing or even for free.

*End of ramble* So as i said before, over the past year i've come across so many great items and i thought i'd share some of my favorites.  50% of my wardrobe is probably from the thrift store and many of the books, accessories, and other miscellaneous items around my room are from work as well, so i probably missed some of my other fave items just because everything is just about one and the same to me now!

Leather jacket with faux fur lining - One of my favorite jackets, got it for free as well!

Army green jacket - Another one of my favorite jackets!

Vintage Nintendo jacket - Got this jacket during our vintage sale last summer, get so many compliments when i wear it, haha, everyone loves a bit of Mario!

Old Navy leopard print cardigan with gold zipper - I absolutely adore this cardigan, i wear it SO much.  It's a bit oversized and perfect.

Suede fringe vest - Another piece i picked up from the vintage sale.

DIY sparkly jacket - Got this for New Year's Eve, was originally a shirt but i cut it (quite sloppily) into a jacket, looked really awesome & got a lot of compliments!  Might blog a picture with my outfit at some point..

Leopard print cardigan - Yes, another!  Love leopard print & this fits so nicely.

Men's plaid button up - Really love the colors & size of this plaid print so i had to pick it up.  It's a recent addition to my vast collection of plaid flannel shirts, looks really great with black jeans & leather boots.

Alpaca cardigan - Pretty sure i'm allergic to this (it's 100% alpaca), but when my friend/co-worker found it one night, i just had to get it anyway.  Definitely not everyone's cup of tea!

Kennedy Space Center tee - Another purchase from the vintage sale - love the color & the logo is perfect.

H&M sweater - Every once in a while i'll find something at work that looks barely worn that was originally from H&M, and this was one of those!  Such an awesome find and cost just over $1.

Black men's tee - One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, i just love it.  Favorite outfit = this tee, burgundy  cardigan (also from work, but it's in the wash atm!), dark wash skinny jeans, the boots & clock necklace (below).
Aztec print bag - This style of bag often comes into the thrift store.  I can't wait to use this during summer this year!

Minnetonka suede boots - I'm obsessed with this and wear them just about everyday.  Got these from the vintage sale as well.  Looked these up online and they retail for about $40-50, got them for $7. :)

H&M metallic scarf - Another piece i found that was originally from H&M.  I adore this scarf, one of my faves i own!

Dreamcatcher earrings - These remind me of summer, i love them.
Clock necklace (and it actually works!) - Definitely one of my favorite necklaces, got it from the jewelry sale we had several months ago.  The most i spent on one thing from work - about $30.

Cross and wishbone earrings, skull ring, little wire ring - Wear each of these so much!  Absolutely adore that skull ring.

White phone - Don't actually use this to answer or make phone calls but i think it's a nice touch to my room!

A book about Gnomes and Alice in Wonderland - Just two of the many, many books i've collected from the thrift store.  Found so many interesting books.. not to mention i got all of my Harry Potter books from there!

Dream catcher - This is just one of the three dream catchers i got from work.  It's hung just above my bed and i think it's such a nice little touch to my bedroom.

Polaroid camera & film - Last but not least, my beloved Polaroid camera (which i haven't even used yet, haha).  They've stopped making film for Polaroid cameras, so it's becoming increasingly rare, but i actually found a pack at work!  I just about fainted and put it under the counter and out of view of the customers so i could have it to myself!  Think i'll save it for summer. :)


In case you couldn't tell, i'm kind of in love with the thrift store.  I'm so lucky to work there and get such amazing bargains.  What do you all think of second-hand shops?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspiration 01

Some images i came across on Tumblr recently.  A mish-mash of a lot of things - but mostly longing for summer and to travel again, along with a bit of style inspiration.  Loving the girly-grunge look (studs, denim, general ill-fittingness, plaid), but a bit of glam/sparkle as well.  Maybe one of these days i'll get an "actual" blog post up!?