Saturday, October 15, 2011

H&M and Topshop buys

Yet another H&M haul post from me.. what can i say?  I just can't stay away. ;)
Thought i'd do this post in a bit of a different format than my other haul posts.  Personally, i like this format a bit better as i think it looks so much nicer/artsy-er/cleaner than hanging each piece up on my wall to be photographed individually then being mashed up together on picnik!  I know it's a bit harder to see what the clothes look like, but hope you all don't mind.

I had the day off today and thought i'd go to H&M right when it opened (in attempt to beat the weekend rush) and i ended up spending a few hours in there.  I was on a mission to find things for the colder weather, but i didn't want to go an all out spree.  H&M has such a lovely fall and winter stock out at the moment, it's coats, sweaters, and mittens galore.  Want to go back for a new winter coat actually!
I have to go back to work tomorrow but i was so happy to have the day off!
Hope you're all enjoying you're weekends. <3

Boxy, batwinged sweaters - $19.95 each

Men's v-neck tee - $5.95
Leopard print top (hi/low hem, 3/4 length sleeves) - $14.95
Floral tank with buttons down the front - $14.95

Nail polish in Taupe - $1.95

Leopard print scarf - $14.95 (Was the last one mixed in with all the scarves and was apparently supposed to come with a hat?  Not sure what's up with that, but the scarf is massive and pretty haha)

Thought i'd update you all on these shoes.. I ended up returning the pair i showed in my previous post as they were just too small for my feet.  I reluctantly waited for them to go back in stock on the Topshop website and they finally did!  So glad i held out for the size up.  They are actually quite comfy & i just think they are gorgeous.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outfit: Leopard print cross & red flats.

leopard cross Dolman top - Urban Outfitters, cardigan & jeans - Old Navy, flats - Wet Seal, earrings - Primark, watch - Target

Apologizes for the dodgy webcam shots today, just felt like blogging!  This tee has been making it's rounds on Youtubers and when i saw it in the UO sale, i had to snatch it up.  I think it's different than the ones i've seen as it is one of those 'one size'/Dolman sleeve/super massive tops, and the other ones seem to be more of a tank top style & a bit more fitted.
The cool weather seems like it is finally here to stay and i couldn't be happier tbh!  I've been wearing a variation of this lately, a cardigan with a top underneath, jeans, and flats/boots.  I'm usually not too adventurous when it comes to jeans & pants - i like to stick to these dark wash skinnies (this is my third pair) and if i'm feeling daring, black jeans haha.  Last year, i would basically only wear leggings so whenever i try to wear them now, i feel like i'm just going back to that time and i cringe a little bit & change into jeans!  I don't know if it's only me, but i've actually gotten rid of so many clothes that remind me of my early (and very cringey) high school years because they just remind me of bad times!
Anyway.... haha.  Overall, this outfit kind of sums up everything i've been loving lately: leopard print, crosses, pops of red, black, watches, and cardigans.  I've been stocking up on sweaters & i can't wait to bring 'em out. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Metallic nails

I'm not usually one to go for metallics - i think they can look tacky or cheap if not worn with the 'right' things - but i was catching up on Sammi of Beauty Crush's videos & in one of them she was wearing a metallic gold nail polish with a black cross on her ring finger & i thought it looking really chic and a bit edgy.  I was also looking for a new polish that would go with my homecoming dress & thought silver would go best, so i ended up picking "Silver Dollar" by Revlon, out of the Metallic range.  I was a bit hesitant to buy it since i tend to really dislike the Revlon formulas, but this dried fairly quickly and only required two coats.
For $3-4, i'm super impressed and i think it looks really nice!  I'm probably going to end up picking up the gold one on my next stop at the drugstore.  Since metallics are considered neutrals, this doesn't clash with the clothes i'm wearing & really completes an outfit. :)

What do you all think of metallic nail polish/metallics in general?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Seven: The Louvre

Out of everything we saw and did in Paris, visiting the Louvre was my favorite thing hands down.  It's absolutely massive, and there's so much to see that it's actually overwelming!  It's impossible to see everything in one day.... you'd probably need to devote an entire three months or so for that.  The museum itself & the courtyard are stunning, though it can be super busy.  If you're thinking of going, i'd recommend going later in the evening until close to avoid the crowds.  I didn't go during the day (went to Versailles instead), but opted to go later and i'm glad i did.  It was charming & peaceful, and easier to get photos without photobombers ruining the shots. :)
Since this was the last day/night out in Paris, it was a lovely end to the trip!

If i ever go back to Paris, exploring the Louvre more would be at the top of my to-do list. ♥
This is the last blog post on my trip to England & France. :(  Hope you enjoyed this mini-series, if you want to see photos and such from the rest of the trip, links are at the bottom of this post!

The Louvre courtyard by day.
And by evening.
Gorgeous sculptures in the Sully Wing.
Absolutely stunning Napoleon's Apartments in the Richelieu Wing - probably my favorite thing ever.
Staircases, tapestries, and bits & bobs.
Mona Lisa in the Denon Wing.


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