Monday, October 10, 2011

Metallic nails

I'm not usually one to go for metallics - i think they can look tacky or cheap if not worn with the 'right' things - but i was catching up on Sammi of Beauty Crush's videos & in one of them she was wearing a metallic gold nail polish with a black cross on her ring finger & i thought it looking really chic and a bit edgy.  I was also looking for a new polish that would go with my homecoming dress & thought silver would go best, so i ended up picking "Silver Dollar" by Revlon, out of the Metallic range.  I was a bit hesitant to buy it since i tend to really dislike the Revlon formulas, but this dried fairly quickly and only required two coats.
For $3-4, i'm super impressed and i think it looks really nice!  I'm probably going to end up picking up the gold one on my next stop at the drugstore.  Since metallics are considered neutrals, this doesn't clash with the clothes i'm wearing & really completes an outfit. :)

What do you all think of metallic nail polish/metallics in general?


  1. TBH for me anything is fair game! I don't fear being a little tacky (just out-and-out inappropriate)

  2. beautiful color! i love metallic nail polish! and metallics in general are awesome, im sort of biased and prefer gold :)


  3. Love it, reminds me slightly of the new foil effects by Barry M!

  4. Your nails look lovely! Personally I'm really loving metallic nail polish at the moment, I have a rose gold shade (Orly Rage) that I'm absolutely in love with <3 I'd love to see swatches of the gold nail polish too :)

  5. Beautiful color ! It's really quite stunning x

  6. I'm not generally a massive fan of metallics but that one is really lovely. I can't believe revlon is only $3-4, over here its at least £6 for a nail varnish,maybe more now.

    I picked up a gorgeous metallic from Topshop yesterday called Eyes of steel.It's so pretty I can't stop staring....