Saturday, October 15, 2011

H&M and Topshop buys

Yet another H&M haul post from me.. what can i say?  I just can't stay away. ;)
Thought i'd do this post in a bit of a different format than my other haul posts.  Personally, i like this format a bit better as i think it looks so much nicer/artsy-er/cleaner than hanging each piece up on my wall to be photographed individually then being mashed up together on picnik!  I know it's a bit harder to see what the clothes look like, but hope you all don't mind.

I had the day off today and thought i'd go to H&M right when it opened (in attempt to beat the weekend rush) and i ended up spending a few hours in there.  I was on a mission to find things for the colder weather, but i didn't want to go an all out spree.  H&M has such a lovely fall and winter stock out at the moment, it's coats, sweaters, and mittens galore.  Want to go back for a new winter coat actually!
I have to go back to work tomorrow but i was so happy to have the day off!
Hope you're all enjoying you're weekends. <3

Boxy, batwinged sweaters - $19.95 each

Men's v-neck tee - $5.95
Leopard print top (hi/low hem, 3/4 length sleeves) - $14.95
Floral tank with buttons down the front - $14.95

Nail polish in Taupe - $1.95

Leopard print scarf - $14.95 (Was the last one mixed in with all the scarves and was apparently supposed to come with a hat?  Not sure what's up with that, but the scarf is massive and pretty haha)

Thought i'd update you all on these shoes.. I ended up returning the pair i showed in my previous post as they were just too small for my feet.  I reluctantly waited for them to go back in stock on the Topshop website and they finally did!  So glad i held out for the size up.  They are actually quite comfy & i just think they are gorgeous.


  1. Love the camel and black striped jumper Laura, going to have to keep my eye out for that (: Hope you're well sweety, feels I haven't spoken to ya in forever! xx

  2. Love all your buys, those shoes look extra comfy! x

  3. i know what you mean; i bought a load online then went in again after hearing they had a giftcard with every purchase hahah! love all the leopard you got, and your shoes are amazing<3

    hope you're having a nice weekend!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock.

    p.s i love the way you laid this post out :)

  4. Ooh, I'm liking the stripey top and of course I like the leopard <3

  5. The sweaters look so warn and cozy! & Love the shoes!

  6. loving your H n M purchases :) ahh the studded loafers, they're perfect! xx

  7. I am desperate need of those shoes!! xx

  8. I've been seeing those loafers pop up a lot lately and they look awesome!

  9. I absolutely love your bloh :) I've been reaing it for the past few months but never commented :p Keep it up! :D

  10. Great buys! I love the scarfs and shoes! xox