Friday, January 29, 2010

How-To Enjoy a Lush Bath :)

I was in the middle of soaking in my Lush bath the other night when i came up with the idea of sharing with you lovelys how to fully enjoy your own Lush baths!

Bathtime, to me, is not just lounging in a water-filled tub for 20+ minutes, it's that special time that you can just relax & escape reality for a while.  In this post, i'll tell you how to make the most out of that precious time :)

What you'll need:

♥ a tub
♥ hot water
♥ your favorite Lush products - a bath ballistic, melt, bubble bar, soap, shower gel, etc. (my faves right now are The Comforter bubble bar & Rock Star soap)
♥ candles, they're optional, but they can really help to create a relaxing mood :)
♥ hair tie
♥ a nice cup of caffine-free tea
♥ light food (fruit, crackers, etc.) or my favorite..chocolate!
♥ something to do so you don't get bored as quickly - a book, iPod, etc.


1. Get everything you need together & lay it out in an organized fashion so you don't forget anything or have to rummage around.
2. Leave your phone & anything work or school related out of the bathroom - this is your time to completely forget about those things :)
3. Remove makeup & tie hair up.
4. Start running hot bath water.
5. Pop your favorite Lush products into bath (This is my favorite part!  Well, aside from enjoying the bath a'course ;)
6. Hop (haha, pop...hop) into bath & turn off water (or other way around).
7. Time to get cheesy....Take deep breaths, close your eyes, and really soak in the scents & warmth of the glorious bath.
8. Enjoy for as long as you please ♥
9. Don't forget the tea & snacks!  If you start getting bored, listen to soothing/comforting/happy music, read a good book - just be careful not to drop it into the water!
10. Wash with soap of choice.
11. Drain bath water & run shower, i usually shower in cooler water after a bath, it just feels nice & refreshing - shampoo/condition hair, wash face, etc.
12. Dry off, moisturize, put on warm, comfy PJ's, comb hair, brush teeth, etc.
13. Get into bed & dream pleasant dreams.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lush Review: Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This was the first bubble bar I ever tried (though, I tried The Comforter Bubble Bar the day after I used this - review coming soon :)

Let's just start with the smell - uhh, YUMMMMMM!  I had this baby stored in a cute bowl in my room & whenever I walked into my room, it smelled of candy and bubblegum and deliciousness, agh I absolutely love the smell - it's just about the same scent of Rock Star soap.

I got two baths out of this bubble bar, and I hate to say...I was a bit of a letdown =/.  The only negative thing I have to say about it really is that the bubbles didn't last long, they started dying out within the first 10 minutes *sadface*.  Other than that, it made the water really soft & smell like that amazing scent I was just talking about :).  It felt very moisturizing & the scent did linger on my skin for a little while after my bath.  Oh, & I used it with Rock Star soap and mmm, it was heavenly.

Overall, I would repurchase this again but I would like to try other bubble bars first.  For $6.65, that's about $3.50 (with tax) per bath - yeahhhh, bit steep!  But I suppose when my skin is in need of a good drink of moisture, this will likely be my bubble bar of choice!

Don't know how to take a proper Lush bath?  HERE's my recipe for the perfect Lush bath :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vintage Pins From My Lovely Aunt :)

I have a bit of a haul - I just had to show you guys these pins, they are goooorge.

You may think that pins are oudated and strange, but personally I love them!  They can give that extra "oomph" to an outfit & make it really unique.  You can dazzle up a blazer with them, cardigans, bags, jackets, scarves, bascially whatever you please!  (Think of it as Bedazzle-ing, but not tacky :)

My aunt gave me three of her pins that she doesn't wear anymore, which is awesome.  Yes, she's "older" (in her 70's, & still young at heart! ♥) and it's so cool getting things from other generations & family members because no one else really has them!

Vintage = ♥

Straight away after I saw this for the first time I thought - LADY GAGA!  The headpiece that the little face is wearing just screams GaGa to me ♥ - this is admittedly my favorite pin that I own.

Really like this one as well - so classy!

This one reminds me of GaGa too, but it also reminds me of The Phantom of the Opera - maybe it's because that's been on my mind a lot lately (if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know!  Goodness, I can't even explain how much I love love love that movie ♥) but after thought, it's logical that it reminds me of that.

If you've seen the movie, during the Masquerade the main colors are black, white, & gold (except the Phantom, of course, he wears red :) & this mask-pin just kinda sums the amazing scene all up for me :).

Hope you all enjoyed this post.  Questions?  Ask 'em!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara

I got this mascara a while back (I know, you're not supposed to keep mascaras that long, but hellooooo, I'm on a budget!) & decided to share my thoughts on it :).

I got a sample size of this once upon a time and liked it so much that I got the full size.  According to the website, this mascara is supposed to volumize & lengthen your lashes, but here's my take -

Color: it's your standard black, basically ;)
Drying time: I find it takes a bit longer than typical drugstore mascaras to dry, so if I'm in a big rush, I usually reach for something else
Wand: the wand is long & skinny, making it easy to get to harder to reach places, like the inner corner of the eye & it's easier to use on the lower lash line
Volume?: I find it does quite volumize the lashes
Lengthen?: it doesn't lengthen as much as a mascara that's main purpose is lengthening, but it does still lengthen the lashes
Clumping?: I find if you put more than one coat on, which I do, it clumps a bit, but it's not awful
Long-lasting?: this mascara does last a pretty long time, but I notice it does flake a bit, meaning little clumps of the mascara fall down & onto your cheeks, I also reccomend curling your lashes when you're freshening up in the middle of the day

Overall thoughts:
This was my holy grail mascara, until I was introduced to CoverGirl's Lash Blast.  I honestly do like Lash Blast better, & for the price difference, I go for Lash Blast.  (Lash Blast is about $7, whereas High Impact is $14).  I do use Clinique's High Impact Mascara mainly when I'm running into public really quick & I want to wear something on my eyes but not put a lot of effort into my looks.  I feel it goes great with some quick concealer, powder, and rosy blush :)


one coat:

two coats:

I'm off to get some food in my belly & take a Lush bath :).  Hope you all had a great Monday!
Got any questions?  Don't be hesitant to ask!