Friday, January 29, 2010

How-To Enjoy a Lush Bath :)

I was in the middle of soaking in my Lush bath the other night when i came up with the idea of sharing with you lovelys how to fully enjoy your own Lush baths!

Bathtime, to me, is not just lounging in a water-filled tub for 20+ minutes, it's that special time that you can just relax & escape reality for a while.  In this post, i'll tell you how to make the most out of that precious time :)

What you'll need:

♥ a tub
♥ hot water
♥ your favorite Lush products - a bath ballistic, melt, bubble bar, soap, shower gel, etc. (my faves right now are The Comforter bubble bar & Rock Star soap)
♥ candles, they're optional, but they can really help to create a relaxing mood :)
♥ hair tie
♥ a nice cup of caffine-free tea
♥ light food (fruit, crackers, etc.) or my favorite..chocolate!
♥ something to do so you don't get bored as quickly - a book, iPod, etc.


1. Get everything you need together & lay it out in an organized fashion so you don't forget anything or have to rummage around.
2. Leave your phone & anything work or school related out of the bathroom - this is your time to completely forget about those things :)
3. Remove makeup & tie hair up.
4. Start running hot bath water.
5. Pop your favorite Lush products into bath (This is my favorite part!  Well, aside from enjoying the bath a'course ;)
6. Hop (haha, pop...hop) into bath & turn off water (or other way around).
7. Time to get cheesy....Take deep breaths, close your eyes, and really soak in the scents & warmth of the glorious bath.
8. Enjoy for as long as you please ♥
9. Don't forget the tea & snacks!  If you start getting bored, listen to soothing/comforting/happy music, read a good book - just be careful not to drop it into the water!
10. Wash with soap of choice.
11. Drain bath water & run shower, i usually shower in cooler water after a bath, it just feels nice & refreshing - shampoo/condition hair, wash face, etc.
12. Dry off, moisturize, put on warm, comfy PJ's, comb hair, brush teeth, etc.
13. Get into bed & dream pleasant dreams.


  1. this is so cute! i'll definitely be trying it tonight :)

  2. Lovely post :) Giving this ago tomorrow, yay for Lush baths! xxx

  3. @Jodi & @Ellie - thank you two lovlies soo much <3 hope you both enjoy your baths! :) xx

  4. Hey Laura
    Just stumbled across your blog and i LOVE it. I like your little Lush Bath top tips :) I'm desperate to try the Comforter.
    Well done babes. Def following now.

  5. @Milly thank you soo much doll! means a lot to me :) oh & deff try the Comforter, it's amazing! thanks again girl :) xxx

  6. Hey Laura!
    Found your adorable blog through another and love it! This is such a cute post and 'The Comforter' is AMAZING and deff one of my fave Lush goodies! Have you tried the solid perfume of it?! Lovely!
    I have just followed ur blog and if your evern interested, mine is


  7. great post. a nice bath seems like a good idea this weekend.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  8. Cute! I love Lush, there's a location in San Francisco and I hit it up every once in awhile just to smell things. :)

  9. @The Fashion Teller - thanks for following :) oooh, i really want to go to Lush & pick up The Comforter Solid Perfume! it would be awesome to smell that lovely all day :) adding it to my wishlist! xx

    @Audrey Allure - aww thanks girl :) xxx

    @Christina thank you! haha me too! i could spend hours in there just sniffing all the gorgeous things :) xx

  10. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

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  12. @Valentine Devlieghere & @annabella - thank you :) xx