Friday, July 26, 2013

Long Time, No See

Hello everyone!  Remember me?  I won't blame you if your answer to that question is a big, fat "no."  But if it's a "yes," I thank you for bearing with me!  It's been over a year since my last blog post on here, although it doesn't seem like it's been quite that long...
Looking back on this past year, so much as happened - I graduated high school, had a crazy, memorable summer, got two tattoos, and completed my first year of college, among many other things.
The past year has been one of the worst and one the best years of my life, and has made me very excited about what the future has in store for me.
I love college.  The first year alone I've learned so much, and not just in my classes.  Moving out of my parents house for the first time and living on my own in a beautiful city, I've made so many incredible friends and shared unforgettable experiences with them; I've continued my education and taken classes that have intrigued me; and I've began to discover myself.
College isn't just fun and games, of course, it's a lot of time, work, and money.  But the experience and education you get in turn is beautiful.  I still have a lot of time and money to spend, and work ahead of me, and I'm hoping it all pays off in the end.
If you are currently contemplating whether or not to continue your education in college/university, keep in mind that it is not for everyone, but definitely explore your options and keep an open mind.  You never know where your future will take you!


Enough with that for now though. ;)
I'm currently laying around in my bed with Netflix, Vicodin, ice, and applesauce by my side since I just had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.
I hope you're all doing well and I'm sure I will talk to you all soon.  Thanks again to those of you who have stuck with me!

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