Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back-to-School Supplies! ♥

Now, i'm one of those people who absolutely dreads getting up at 5:30 AM five days a week & going to a place filled with people i don't particularly enjoy (school, ahem), but i have to admit i love shopping for school supplies - folders, notebooks, pencil cases..the whole lot.  I mentioned on Twitter about a week or so ago that i wanted to share all the goodies i got for the coming school year, and i got a surprising amount of people who wanted to see as well!
This may not help those of you whole are already in school (i hope it's going well for those of you who are!), but i thought i'd go ahead & share anyway.  I got all of the school supplies mentioned at Target, besides the bag which i bought at Forever 21.  I hope you all enjoy!


This year (i'm a junior if you're wondering :), i wanted to infuse my school supplies with colors & cutesy things - compared to my supplies from last year, which were dreary & quite plain.  I want to be able to have these things kind of brighten up my day a bit, because i don't know about you, but school can put quite a damper on my day.

I'm also a folder & notebook person, i don't really like lugging around bulky binders with looseleaf & a mish-mash of papers sticking out of them.  That being said, i got a folder & notebook for each of the classes i needed them for (all but orchestra & gym).  I tried to get the folder/notebook for each class to match (or at least go together) to organize me a bit more, but to also make them cute of course :).  I also got what i call a 'take-home folder' (because i'm still in elementary school at heart haha), and this will hold all my extra papers, as well as my homework for that night.  I would've gotten an assignment notebook as well, but apparently my school is supplying them for us this year.

Yesss, a Michael Jackson notebook!  I knew i just had to get it when i spotted it.
I'm going to get totally hated on for having a Hello Kitty folder..mhm, people at school just don't know when to leave others alone!  Whatever ;).
This last notebook/folder set, by the brand 'Greenroom' are made with paper containing 70% recycled fiber & printed with non-toxic soy-based

The 'take-home' folder i was talking about earlier, as well as a pink 4 GB flash drive & a flashy pink glitter pencil case (only about $3!).

A closer look at said pencil case ;)

And of course to store all this & more in, you need a fabby bag.  This one, as mentioned before, is from Forever 21 and was around $34-$35.  It's massive inside, where it has two open-pockets & one zip-pocket, and it also has a zip-pocket on the outside.  This bag came with a detachable longer/adjustable strap as well.
I don't use the same bag for school everyday, i do switch off bags for school depending on my outfit, but the more bags to choose from, the better!  And i didn't have a tan/nude color bag so... :)


Of course along with getting all the necessary supplies for school, i went back-to-school shopping for clothes as well (several times, haha :P), which i might do a separate post on ♥
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend so far..last one before school starts for me :(
Let's all make this school year a fun, yet productive one, hmm? :)


  1. great post(:, i love it all!<3

  2. I graduated in May 2009 and I'm so happy I don't have to go back to school (until I do online college), but I do miss school shopping!

  3. Love it! I have a school organization video i am going to do too xxx!

  4. Those Greenroom and hello kitty notebooks are gorgeous!!! :)

  5. gahhh love that MJ.
    you got some adorable stufff.<333

  6. so much love for this post <3 at school everything was provided (plain and boring) but as soon as i got to college and had to buy stuff myself i went stationary crazy !!!

  7. I LOVE the first two folders, the black n white photos with some pops of color, sooo pretty.

  8. Cute! And how about that pink USB key... awww ^^

  9. awesome school supplies, man I think that was the best part of highschool for me- shopping for school supplies before the year starts every year, haha!

  10. I love getting school supplies I just want to buy all the stationary in front of me! I went to the Disney store the other day and the folders were half price and I was so tempted to buy a Toy Story one, but then I realised how embrassed i'd be if i took that out in my class! xx

  11. goo d luck in school , your picks are awesome !! love the blue scooter notebook !!!

  12. you're gonna be the coolest kid at school. i totally have that same usb in HOT pink. i was scrolling down and BAM! that pencil case is gonna have the kids quinting if it catches the light. haha

  13. very awesome notebooks. :D

  14. love the bag and you have really inspired me to go out and buy some funky stationary or college <3


  15. i totally need to go shopping to stock up on notepads and a pencil case for school! i hope i find some gorgeous stuff like yours :')
    by the way, i love the... is it the folder? with the tree on. gahhhh.
    x x x

  16. Love the Hello Kitty folder! I've been trying to find some cute notebooks / folders and so far I've only found some Hannah Montana & Barça ones D:
    Your bag's lovely! I've used the same eastpak backpack for over 4 years and I haven't bought a new one so I'll have to use the same one this year as well! Haha xx

  17. I don't think I've ever met anyone who does NOT like stationery! I love notebooks and pens and stickers... could go on... for example:

  18. Liking the colour of the bag!