Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Shoes :)

SHOES!  A favorite topic of many :).  I have to admit, i'm more of a bag-fanatic than a shoe-fiend, but i still enjoy buying the odd pair of shoes every now & then (which is admittedly when i'm in desperate need of them!).  Now, i don't own as many gorgeous shoes as i wish i did - my current shoe wishlist is endless - but the pairs that i do have, i like & quite enjoy wearing.

Since i'm quite tall, 95% of the shoes i wear have less than a .5" heel on's pathetic i know, but i like to feel comfortable, and towering over my peers isn't something that exactly makes me feel the most confident.  Maybe when i'm older i'll embrace my height & wear heels, but for now - it's the comfort zone for me!

I've picked out my most worn & favorite shoes (which coincidentally are the same) to share with you all, so i hope you ladies enjoy!  Now onto the shoes.......♥ 

Can you even spot where my shoes are in this mess of a closet?  Haha :P

Beaded Fringe Sandals from Boston Store ♥
I got these sandals almost two years ago (maybe?), and i absolutely adore them.  They are exactly my style with the fringe & beading - very  You've probably seen them in many a OOTD, with good reason.  These babies go with just about everything & i get so many compliments whenever i wear them.

Mossimo Black Flats from Target ♥
I think every girl needs a pair of basic black flats in her wardrobe, they go with everything - tights, leggings, jeggings, skirts, jeans, dresses - the list goes on.  These $13 Target puppies (that's a steaaal)  are my go-to pair - although i haven't even worn them yet!  They look kind of strange when just lying around, but on the feet?  Amazing!  I know i'll be reaching for these until they're tattered & broken ;).

Charlotte Russe Nude Ruffle Flats ♥
These photos are making these shoes look like they have a slight green-tinge, but i promise they do not!
I got these (along with the black flats above) whilst back-to-school shopping a fortnight ago, and although i haven't even worn these yet either, i know i'll be getting plenty of use out of them.  Nude shoes of any sort (heels, flats, etc.) are, i think, another basic in any girl's wardrobe.  Since they're a nude, they'll go with everything, and they'll make your legs look a thousand miles long since there's no color to cut off the line of the leg.
Since i just got these a little while ago, they might still be in stores if you're interested!

Champion Canvas Original Keds ♥
Ignore the dirt please ;)
Ohhhh, Keds.  Some people love them, some people think they belong on elderly ladies..i personally adore them.  Whenever i wear them to school, or just in public even, i seem to get many stares (esp. in the foot-region) & a look that kind of says 'wtf?' (and sometimes the odd rude comment..haters) - it's quite frustrating as i don't really see what the fuss is about!  Regardless, when i wear these Keds, i wear them with pride ;)
Link to get this style here.
What are your opinion on Keds/this style of shoe? ♥

Steve Madden Black Suede Boots ♥
Technically, these are my sister Samantha's boots, but i ended up borrowing them so much that they are actually now housed in my closet, so i like to just call them mine ;).  I basically lived in these last winter (although these will not protect your feet from frozen puddles or snow!), hence the stains on the bottom from all the street salt haha.  I adore these!  They're suede & have a bit of scrunch-detailing along the leg.  These go perfect with leggings & tights, i sometimes even pair these with jeans.  And if it's super cold out, you can even slip knee-high socks or leg-warmers underneath!


What are your favorite shoes? :D


  1. Yeah I'm definitely more of a bag person too. I think with shoes I prefer comfort but would love some more killer heels!! :) xxx

  2. I am a purse - person!
    I can never find the right pair of shoes :/
    I think I shall be posting tonight, by the way (:
    Love your Charlotte Russe flats .. gorg much?
    Anyways, very cute post!

  3. i don't know what to think when someone looks down on my fashion-fowardness. it's sad because they think they are so cute with their ed hardy, babydoll tops and hollister! haha in two years, you'll be rocking this very outfit. HA!

  4. I really likd the pair from Charlotte Russe! And yes I am more of a bag person too.

  5. Such a handy way to store your shoes! Mine are just everywhere at the moment, but I'm going to look for one like this for my new flat I think! Love your shoes, especially the black boots! xx

  6. I just gave you and award over at

    check it out!!

    ps. love your closet!!!

  7. I'm also a bag person! I like buying shoes, but unless I'm going out or something, I wear Converse all the time!
    Btw I love how you store your shoes! it must be very practical! xx

  8. where's the heels lol great flat picks I think I have one pair of flats !!!

  9. great post! those beaded sandals are gorgeous :) i loveee ankle boots though <33

  10. I'm also a baglady :-D

  11. CHARLOTTE RUSSE FLATS- jealous (: they look adorable!

  12. Hey! Now following ur blog i love it. Hope ya first day at school went well xxxx

  13. Im tall too, so i never wear heel as it make me uncomfortable, but love your shoes! :) xx

  14. I LOVE your Keds!! I personally think they are the most comfortable, best looking shoe out there. They go with everything, are super easy to wash, come in like a billion colors, are cheap, are very comfy, and are simply timeless. I bet the haters you wrote about are wearing some ugly-ass skater shoe or converse. I saw some other pics with you in your Keds and you are STUNNING!! Hooray for tall, beautiful girls wearing their Keds. Your toes thank you every day you wear keds instead of pointy 5 inch heels that some schmo in a fashion magazine said was in fashion.

    Hope to see many more pics of you in your keds.