Sunday, August 8, 2010

July Faves :)

I originally wasn't planning on doing a July favorites post, mainly because i haven't really been wearing a lot of makeup & also because i haven't bought any new products in the entire month of July...crazy to think about, but yeah - i'm absolutely broke!  The times i have worn makeup in the month of July, i usually kept it simple or tried out new things - eg. different color eyeliners, different cheek colors, etc.

I have also been focusing more on taking care of skin this month, as the summer weather has really put a strain on it!  So my July favorites consist of one hair product, a few skin products, and just two makeup items!  I still hope you ladies enjoy this post :)

Dove Heat Defense Therapy Conditioner
Whenever i blow-dry or straighten my hair (which admittedly, isn't too often in the summer!), i like to protect my hair from the heat as much as possible - starting in the shower.  I don't use this conditioner daily as it can cause buildup if used too frequently, but i be sure to use it whenever i know i'm going to use heat on my hair.  It makes my hair super soft & easy to work with!

I think vaseline (or at least petroleum jelly) is a staple in any household, you can use it for so many things!  Every summer, my feet suffer from dryness & even cracking (sorry if you were eating!), so using the right products to help heal them is really important.  Before i go to bed, i slather this stuff on the bottoms of my feet, put on socks, dream for a bit, wake up, & viola!  My feet feel moisturized & the cracks in my feet have started to heal.  This stuff is a lifesaver.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion in "Deep Natural Tan"
I already did a post kind of reviewing this product (link here), so i won't go too in depth - but i've really been loving this stuff lately.  I don't like exposing my skin to too much sun (i sound like a hermit!), as it is soo damaging, but i still like to have a tan.  This product is a solution to that dilemma!  I think i look so much healthier & even thinner with a tan, so i really love this product.

Lush "Honey, I Washed the Kids" Soap
This soap is one of the more popular soaps at Lush and gets a lot of hype on YouTube & in the blogging community, and i would say it definitely lives up to the hype.  It smells delicious - i actually may need restraint from eating it! - it is also quite moisturizing, and creates a gorgeous lather!  Definitely a product to try out :)

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black
I did a review on this product a long, long time ago, and i still love it.  I would be my favorite mascara i've ever tried if it wasn't flaky, but i digress!  The effect this mascara has on my lashes is amazing!  It makes them look thick & lengthens them a bit, it looks stunning!  It's also quite dark black, which is always a plus in my book.

Clinique Blush in "Iced Lotus"
I swear this product has been in all of my monthly favorites ever, but i honestly love this stuff!  It's the prettiest color blush i own. I stopped using this for a while, but i've rediscovered it & have fallen for it once more.  It's very pretty & gives a very lovely, fresh look to the cheeks :)


What have you ladies been loving this month? :)


  1. I've been meaning to try out the Dove heat protectant range..I might have to buy it when my current shampoo & conditioner run out..and I never thought of using Vaseline on my feet before! Have to try this :)xx

  2. high impact is my favourite aswell! :) xx

  3. Ohh i want that conditioner, i need some heat protection hehe! :)
    Great favourites!

  4. you are so right about the vaseline, it works wonders, WONDERS i say.

  5. Wow, you really do love that blush lol! I wish that I could hit pan on something :/ The last thing that I did was Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy.. which I quit wearing after someone asked me why I always had glitter all over my face LOL. I'll have to try the Dove product!

  6. The lush honey I shrunk the kids soap is my absolute favourite lush product! The smell is so gorgeous don't you think. If you like that one you should try their soft coeur massage bar which is honey and toffee flavoured or their honey trap lip balm which both smell equally as amazing! Enjoying your blog x