Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 101 :)

I was tagged by the lovely Belle over at x_All that's beautiful_x to do the Happy 101 tag!  Thank you so much sweetie :)
I was actually planning to do the "10 Things That Make Me Happy" tag, & although this is a bit different, i'm so glad i got tagged!

1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State ten things you love.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers & notify them in a comment.

This is in no particular order :)

1. My sisters ♥
left picture: Samantha, Stephanie, me
right picture: me, Samantha (she graduated that day :), Stephanie
I have two older sisters (yep i'm the baby hehe), and i love them to death.  They're the ones i feel i can always talk to when things are going right & when i have no one else to really turn to.  I'm so grateful i have them in my life :).  I don't know what i'd be without them!

2. Friends ♥
That's me in the middle LOL
This sounds so typical, but i really do love my friends!  Haha.  I finally found a great group of people to hang out with this summer (let's not go back to my past friendships...ohgod.), and i'm so happy i found them!  We've had countless amounts of good times together & yeah :).  Love 'em!

3. Blogging ♥
Blogging is amazing, i'm soo glad i stumbled across the whole blogging world!  It's such a creative release for me (also a way of procrastating...ahem..), and it's a fantastic way to discover new products & clothes, as well as other cultures & ways of life!  Soo incredible. 

4. Music ♥
wee home
click photo for credit :)
Music is everything to me, as cliche as it sounds.  It's there when i'm happy, mad, sad, confused, anxious, apathetic - it's there through everything.  When there's no where left to turn, there it is to turn to :).  Music really does save lives ♥.
As for my taste in music, i love absolutely everything.  Name any genre out there, i lovess it.

5. Shopping ♥
credit - love this girl's blog!
And yes, i realize the US doesn't have Primark!  lol :/
Ohhhh, shopping.  We all know we shouldn't do it as much as we should, but who can resist right?  I guess i could list off some places i love to drain my cash into - Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc. :)  Confessions of a Shopaholic = life!  (Minus Hugh Dancy *sigh*)

6. Autumn ♥
Under The Tree
click photo for credit :)
I was just discussing with a friend the other day how much we love autumn & everything about it :).  Hoodies, homecoming, hot chocolate, walks through the park with the leaves changing colors, crisp not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather, etc. ♥.  Fall would be the perfect season if it weren't also back-to-school season! :(

7.  Photography ♥
1977 NYC Camera Store Window 1
click photo for credit
Photography to me is not just a form of art, it's a way of escapism & inspiration.  Looking at different photographs can take one to different places & different's incredible.  I'm not even going to bother sharing some of my favorite photography in this post, it would literally be 905423 years long if i did!  If you do want to see my faves, check out my Tumblr & weheartit (shameless plug!).

8. Traveling ♥

click photo for credit
Sometimes photographs just can't do real-life objects justice..With traveling, you can discover different places (obv.), cultures, lifestyles, foods, architecture, & yourself (i know, cheeseballlll! but it's true :).  I think everyone needs to travel.  If someone goes their whole life without even leaving their city, they are truly missing out on the world - sure you can discover things through the internet or tv, but nothing tops actually having the whole travel experience.

9. Chocolate & sweet treats ♥
Cookies, cotton candy, cupcakes, brownies, donuts, i making you hungry yet?  Haha, we all love a bit of something sweet sometimes!  Well, maybe all the time, but we try to limit ourselves, right?  ;)  I've been getting better at resisting these sweet treats, but those who also have a sweet tooth know how hard it is sometimes haha.  Bottom line, tasty treats are tasty ♥.

10. Dancing ♥
I've been dancing since i was really little, and although i don't take actual classes anymore, dancing is something i adore :).  It must go along with some of the music i listen to (ahem..Passion Pit), but sometimes i can't even resist a bit of foot tapping or even a bit of flailing of the arms (hahaha, truth!).  If i actually danced as much as i wanted to/felt the urge to, i'd probably be burning so many calories that i might be the healthiest person alive haha ;).  Love love love.

Anyone who fancies doing this tag, go ahead - i'd love to read it!


  1. Awww, this is such a good tag! I might do this :) I love a lot of the things you've mentioned :)

  2. I love every single one of these things <333

  3. This post was lovely! Such a happy, feel-good kinda post, and I have to agree with you on a lot of them! I have 2 sisters too, although I'm the oldest :) and completely concur with your views on blogging and the community. I am so entrenched in it now, there's no going back!

  4. youre just too damn cute my love.<3

  5. This is such a great post! I feel exactly the same as you on all of these, especially blogging!! :) xx