Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rediscovered: CHI Silk Infusion :)

I was thinking of doing a post just on products i've rediscovered, or come back to, but instead of throwing all the products out there at once, i thought i'd do separate posts on each.  I think it'd be easier, as i tend to have a lot to say about a single product :).

To start off this series, we have CHI Silk Infusion.
I bought this product a long, long time ago & really loved using it whenever i blow-dried my hair.  During the school year, i started showering at night & letting my hair air-dry overnight, as opposed to showering in the morning & blow-drying my hair, so this bottle started to make its way to the back of the bin.
Since it's the summer, i usually shower in the morning - so if i'm doing something during the day, i don't want to have wet hair, so i've started to blow dry my hair again.
I was quite hesitant to start blow-drying my hair again, as it can really cause some damage - but i went on with it anyway...using Silk Infusion, of course :)
I fell back in love with it right after using it for the first time in ages.

The directions on the back are simply:
"Apply a small amount into palm of hand and work evenly throughout the hair.  Leave in and proceed with styling."
Pretty vague, right?
Well, after doing a bit of research online i found out how other girls use this product, that's where i learned how to use it :)

So..How/when do i use it?
While my hair's a bit damp, i apply a tiny amount to the palm of my hand, rub my palms together, & apply it to my hair - avoiding getting to close to the roots.  I then blow dry my hair.  It acts as a heat protectant - i would never blow-dry my hair without one!
If i straighten my hair after blow-drying, i might apply a tiny bit more after i'm done, to make my hair super soft.

CHI Silk Infusion makes my hair super soft & shiny, and i also noticed that it helps my hair dry significantly faster than without it.

Two aspects of this product that may put people off are the price & the scent.  The price is about $20-$25, but i think it's worth it.  This product lasts such a long time since you need the tiniest amount, and it really does a great job.  The scent of it is really quite masculine & very much cologne-y, which many girls don't seem to like, but i don't really mind.  The scent does linger in your hair as well.

Along with a lot of other hair products, using too much of the Silk Infusion will result in your hair looking greasy & weighed down - so you want to use just the right amount :)

The consistency is soo bizarre - it's more of a serum, but runny & a bit sticky all at once.  It's really easy to work with though :)


I'm really pleased that i rediscovered this product!  I recommend it to anyone & would definitely repurchase another bottle when i run out (which deff won't be soon!).

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  1. Ohh it sounds great! Quite expensive, but i might get it :) xx

  2. I've heard so many good things about this product, I really think it would do wonders to my hair too! Do you know where CHI products are stocked? xxx

  3. Keep meaning to get this, you've reminded me!

  4. @Michelle Chai. - In the US, they're available at most Walmarts (that's where I get my CHI stuff), most Targets, & Sally Beauty Supply! xo

  5. I got this product for free from a salon once. It is really good! I am the same as you - I usually let my hair air dry, but this is definitely a great product!

  6. i have a chi straightener, but never thought this stuff would work.
    ive gotta try it now.

  7. I love this :) I think it semslls amazing! I'm kind of weird with leave in hair things though... I always use one leave in product for awhile then after about a month they seem to stop working. So I always rotate between the Chi Silk Infusion, some neutrogena silk cream stuff, and Morocan oil haha. Or maybe it's all just in my head lol