Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures With Self-Tan ♥

My sister bought this L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanner a couple days ago, as an alternative to her usual fake-bake (I tell her everyday that it's soo bad for you..she doesn't listen - i refuse to go myself!).  Because she knows how against fake-baking i am, but also that i don't want to look like a ghost, she let me use some of it.

She picked out the darkest stuff on the shelves of Walmart (Deep Natural Tan), and i was a little bit hesitant at first because i am so white, but i slathered some on anyway.

This was the first instant tanner i had tried, and i'm very glad i did try it :)
I'll probably be doing some follow-up posts on how the tan is coming along!

The first thing i noticed was the color, a bronzey shade, which when rubbed into the skin turns into a sheer coat of color.  The tan is supposed to develop within an hour after applying, and it did.  I can honestly say it does not look orange-y at all, it actually looks quite natural - very much a plus.
The next thing i noticed was the excessive amount of glitter!  I basically looked like Ke$ha or Edward Cullen in the sunlight after applying this - not too appealing, but it the glitter washed away in the shower i took the following morning (but the tan did not wash away..yay!).
A positive thing that i did notice is that after applying this, my skin was super soft :)

The directions say to use daily until the desired level of tan is achieved, and then to apply it 1-2 times a week after that.  Honestly, i don't think i'd be able to apply this everyday.  As much as i love the color it's given me so far, i just can't stand the smell.  It has that 'fake tan' smell that so many of us know!  The scent of the lotion smells kind of sweeter at first, but after a few hours, that dreaded smell really does show itself - and lingers for ages after that!
The smell is the one major turnoff of this product.

The tan didn't really go patchy, but i did notice some subtle streaks on my legs & arms where the product wasn't applied evenly.  The color variation - i don't know how else to put it haha - on my wrist (above :O) was about as bad as it got.  Although that's not desired, i can deal with that.

False tan hands!  Although i washed my hands after applying the product all over, i still got orange hands!  Eeeek.


Overall, i will definitely be using this product again, despite the awful smell.  I love the color it gives, and i would definitely recommend this to you ladies to try out!
What's your favorite self-tanner? :)


  1. awww I was hoping this didn't have fake tan stank :/ I can't stand that smell! I used to use the Jergens stuff and my boyfriend would always complain about how bad I smelled, hahaha. I heard that the one self tanner all the UK girls use St Moriz or something like that isn't supposed to have the fake tanner smell, I want to give that one a go!

  2. @Caitlin - Yeah St. Moriz! I've heard the same thing & really want to try it as well! They really need to work on getting that into US drugstores hehe :P xo

  3. I loved this a couple of years back but hated the stickyness I felt after applying, good colour though!

    Can I just ask what camera you use? Im looking for a new one and I love how high quality your pictures are !


  4. I used this a couple of months ago and had fake tan hands too. Im in the UK and havn't heard of St. Tropez. ?? Your right it looks really natural and not orangey!

  5. I use St Moriz, im quite pale as normal fake tans go a bit dark on me, but st moriz is greatas it doesnt come out too dark, its so natural, and its also really cheap hehe :) I know what you mean about the tan smell, i hate it too! xx

  6. i used johnsons a couple years back. gave a real nice gradual tan.

  7. @Lisa - Yeah I just noticed the stickiness it's left behind! Yuckkk :/ Awe thanks! I use a Canon PowerShot SD750, they don't sell this exact model anymore, but they have newer PowerShot models out which look fantastic :) xo