Sunday, September 19, 2010

Success & Blogging.

Out of all the questions i'm asked on Formspring, on Twitter, through emails, etc., how i got the amount of followers i have is my most asked question.  The first few times i got asked this, i didn't really mind, but as i kept getting asked this, it just frustrated me, so i've decided to do a post on it once and for all.  I don't mean this to be bitchy or snooty in any way, so please don't take it like i'm being big-headed or something.

Compared to many other bloggers, the amount of followers i have is fairly pocket-sized, that's not to say i don't appreciate every single one of them though.  I think everyone who's started a blog knows what it's like to have just two followers and what it's like to feel like you're going to get nowhere in this blog-o-sphere.

When i first started, i have to admit i was a bit obsessed with the amount of followers i had, frequently feeling down & bad for myself because i felt i didn't have as many as i wanted.  Since then, i've realized that blogging isn't about the amount of followers you have, it's something you should do not because you want to be 'famous' or are just doing it for the money, you should do it because you want to.  For me, blogging is something i genuinely enjoy and it's my hobby.  Some people like gardening, others like playing sports, well, i like blogging & everything that comes with it.  I love taking photos for posts, going through them all, selecting which ones i'd like to put in a post, writing up the post itself, publishing it, commenting & following other blogs, etc.

I'm no longer number-obsessed.  Sure, it's nice knowing that people actually read what you post and like it enough to follow and comment, but for me, that's just a plus to blogging.
So how did i get the amount of followers i have?
Simple: i put the effort into my blog & got involved with the blogging world.
My advice to anyone who's just starting out...No matter how discouraged you feel, just keep writing & making posts.  Be nice to everyone and try not to get jealous.  Get involved with other girl's blogs by commenting, following, etc.  Lastly, try not to be too concerned about how many followers you have!  If you just keep posting, people are sure to discover & follow your blog.  Remember it takes time & you're not just going to gain a gazillion followers overnight :)

I hope this cleared up any questions you had & hope i helped some of you out!
If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me :)


  1. awh what a sweet an genuine post! good on you :-) xxx

  2. Great post! Well done with your followers! xx

  3. welldone laura, you deserve all your followers :D,xxx

  4. I agree with you, I think that the best advice that you could give any new blogger is to keep blogging and posting! Just stick with it. Congrats on all of the follwers dear, your blog deserves it <3

  5. Great post :)

    And I want that room so badly! I could use it for my art, sewing and blogging. ooooh how one can dream :) xxx

  6. Hey sweetie!

    Long time, no talk!!! I am teaching HIGH SCHOOL NOW OMG!!!!!

    You have many followers because you are a good blogger and a great person who leaves sincere comments<3

    Happy Fall,
    Hope :-) xoxo

  7. you are my girl, i couldn't of said this better myself.
    i was obsessed about the numbers too but now i couldnt even tell you off the top of my head my number of followers, because i love what you said about loving to blog caus i feel the same way.
    its just a great escape.

  8. your advice is pretty much spot on, this is how i was able to gain a following too. it's important to get really involved in the community - by visiting and commenting on other's blogs!

  9. and you deserve it all m'dear with all the great posts! speaking of great post's I love that picture, that room looks gorgeous - clean, slick and simple - I want it hahah

  10. Nice post girl and it is great to see your blog growing! It is looking great! The advice I always give to bloggers is to reply to comments! Either visit the other person's blog or reply in your own blog but don't ignore people!! That is what made me notice you right away - how open and friendly and engaging you are. I give up on people after a very short while if they ignore me. Vain, maybe, but I need to give my energy to people who are friendly.

  11. Very true. I just started taking my blog seriously these days because i just love it, it has become a hobby of mine also.