Monday, September 27, 2010

My First MakeupAlley Swap!

As some of you may already know (i feel like i start every post out like this haha :P), i participated in a swap via MakeupAlley, and despite a few issues (which i'll get into later), it went fairly well!  I won't say her username, but the girl i swapped with was quite friendly & had gotten very positive feedback from people she had swapped with in the past.  I was surprised she trusted me, a new swapper to MakeupAlley, to go through with the swap.  We decided to swap for MAC eyeshadows - i had Sushi Flower, which she wanted, and she had Sable, which i fancied having a go at :)

I sent my package out about three weeks ago, before Labor Day.  She got the package three days later & said she just came back from the post office & that i would be receiving my package sometime a week later.  Well, about two & a half weeks past, and still no package..i thought i had been swaplifted.  I messaged her saying i still hadn't gotten it, with no reply.  She messaged me back three days later saying that if i didn't get it by the next day, she'd show me a receipt as proof of sending it out.  Lo and behold, a day later i had gotten Sable with two samples of other products inside!  I think you'd agree that it could've been a lot worse (like having actually been swaplifted!), despite her lying about when she actually shipped it out.

MAC's Sable
MAC's Sable eyeshadow - a staple of lollipop26 (that's when you know it's legit haha :) - came just in time for the homecoming & i actually used it in the look i wore to the dance..but you should already know that if you read my post on that ;).  I can't wait to use this shadow for other looks - it's SO gorgeous!

Overall, i would swap via MakeupAlley again, but for all of you who are a bit hesitant, definitely take caution & if you feel uncomfortable with it, don't swap!  The link to my MakeupAlley profile is here if you're interested in a swap!
Have you/would you ladies ever swapped anything through MakeupAlley?  How was your experience?!


Thank you SO much for all your amazing comments about my last post!  You are all seriously soo incredible! ♥  Watch out for a post about the actual homecoming week, a lot of you seemed interested & some of you English girlies don't even know what homecoming is!  Definitely look out for that post soon ;)
Hope you all had an amazing Monday.  Talk to you all soon!


  1. I love Makeupalley but it is a little bit scary though. That's why I would much rather do a blog swap. Sable is amazing.

  2. Excited for the homecoming post!

    I sadly got swaplifted, I sent out 3 cheap eye shadows and never got anything in return.

    Obviously she gave me her address but I'd have no idea what to do, it seems silly to call the police. Do I go to her house?? haha

    I couldn't believe anyone would do that but it hasn't put me off swapping :)

    Some girls I've spoken to on MUA have been swaplifted out of like £50/$50 worth of make-up which is crazy!

    There's some really good websites where you can check user names and addresses of those who have shoplifted people if your a bit wary of someone :) xxx

  3. girl i seriously love you i tottaly forgot i had a makeupalley account until this post. thanks! i need to get back on there.
    btw sable is my favorite MAC color

  4. Makeupalley is awesome! I love it for the product reviews. Glad your first swap experience worked out okay!

  5. Ohh, iv never done a swap on this before, but always wanted to, but i wasnt sure what to swap hehe! Cant wait for the homecoming post! : ) xx

  6. looking foward to the homecoming post! sable looks gorgeous (:<3

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