Friday, October 1, 2010

Fab Friday: Ombre Hair, Outfit, & First MAC Addition!

It was whilst washing my hands ten minutes ago that an idea for today's post came to mind.  I've been wanting to do a weekly series on my blog for a while now, but i wasn't sure what day it should be on, or what i'd even call it!  Although "Fab Friday" may just be a one-time thing, i thought i'd give it a go anyway.  This Fab Friday, (and future Fab Fridays, if i continue them), will be my thoughts for the day & this past week, about beauty & fashion, but about non-beauty/non-fashion things as well!

Well i'll just jump into it... :)

01. Ombre Hair!
Ombre hair is a big trend this season, amongst celebrities (Ashlee Simpson, Drew Barrymore, & other beauts), as well as bloggers (Lily at LLYMLRS, Rumi at Fashion Toast, & Zoe at Zoella)!  With all these gorgeous 'dos, i was tempted (of course) to try it myself!  I'm soo chicken to do anything with my hair - even a trim gets me panicking, the most experimenting i've done with my hair is full bangs & semi-permanent dye! - so i hope this isn't just another thing i'll totally chicken out on :P
I mentioned ombre-ing my hair on Twitter, and a lot of people are saying i should go for it!  I even picked up the bleach/dye/whatever yesterday!  Now i'm totally overthinking it, thinking that maybe it'll be TOO light!  What do you girls think?  Should i go for it?! ♥

02. First MAC Palette Addition :)
As you may or may already know, i participated in my first MakeupAlley swap this past September & got to add my first shadow to my MAC palette!  It came in a pot, but i ended up depotting it (talk about mess!), placing magnets on the back, & popping it into my MAC palette :).  I did a look with this shadow already, which you can see here!  Already have another swap is already in progress :)

03. School & Grades.
I've been struggling like crazy so much this year, especially in math.  I used to think i was somewhat decent at math, but last year & this year i've just not been able to wrap my head around everything we learn - it's incredibly frustrating.  I don't have too much homework this weekend, but i did get assigned a paper in English, a three page paper talking about one of the themes of the play The Crucible.  The themes we have to choose from are ridiculous, i have no idea how i'm going to talk about them for a minimum of three pages!  FML.
So yeah, i'm getting a C in both English & gym, and a D in pre-calc...just great.

04. Outfit of the Day & Harry Potter.
I wore my school bag as a messenger bag, instead of it's usual position of shoulder bag lol.  Also bared my legs & showed off my fave red cardigan today!
I have a day-by-day Harry Potter calendar, and this gave me a little chuckle haha :).


What do you ladies think about these weekly posts?  Is it worth continuing?  Let me know!
Happy October by the way!  Ohh, soon it'll be Halloween, then it'll be Thanksgiving, then it'll be BAM Christmas :D ♥


  1. Go for the ombre, you'll look amazing! xo

  2. Ah, I can't wait to see your ombre hair if you try it! I think it'll look lovely :). Sable looks gorgeous as well! WHERE DID YOU GET THIS CALENDER?! God, Draco is so sexy. He's my favorite :) haha

  3. @jennie Aw thanks :) I'll try & be brave haha! xxx

    @Caitlin Lmao, i got it for Christmas from my totally awesome sister hahaha, pretty sure she got it from Walmart though - we'll have to get one for 2011! Ohhh i agree...Draco <333 haha xx

  4. Do it, do it, do it! I really want to ombre my hair but I still have dye left from when I dyed the underneath purple, will have to wait till it grows out as it isn't fading any more :( xx

  5. yeah totally do it again love your red sweater !!

  6. omg I read the crucible!! I actually really liked it! I know, I'm a junior too and its just SO much harder. Like everything counts and you literally canNOT miss a homework assingment or fail a test. It's crazyyyy :/
    If you need help email me!!
    xoxo Debby

  7. I think you should go for it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. definitely ombre your hair, you'll look gorgeous!xx

  9. Weekly posts sound great!! Do it with the ombre hair, iv always wanted to but im scared hehe! But you should be brave! :) xx

  10. Your jadore
    HATE math :(

  11. I love the way your color came out!! What kit did you use??