Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Summary.

♥ Aren't i cute?  Haha, only joking :)  Showing off my rings & looking like a freak whilst doing so!
♥ School got out two hours early today as the power went out - crazy wind storms!  Bless crazy midwest weather.  I immediately thought, "oh praise the lord, now i have two more hours to work on my English essay"...Well it's now two hours later & i have not made any progress! D:  I just can't be helped, haha.
♥ Tomorrow is my last day of school for the week, and then we have a five day weekend!  I'm so excited, i really need a break from that place.
♥ I Twitpic'ed a photo of this the pumpkin-guy in the photo above a while ago, but it's just too great to not show the rest of you.  Who else can't wait for Halloween!?  I still have to decide what to be...i'm thinking either Lindsay Lohan in jail, Snooki, or a Native American.  What are you all going as? :)
♥ Been in such a festive mood lately!  I've literally been annoying people the past couple of days by singing Christmas carols.... Just love the holiday season!
♥ My iPod has been acting up lately.  It's been saying that it has a connection to my Wi-Fi at home, but won't load any of my emails, Twitter, Safari, etc.  SO annoying - i don't know how to fix it!  Think it's on it's last leg anyway...it's two years old & i haven't been treating it very nicely!
♥ Did my hair like this again today :)  Didn't like it as much as yesterday, but it still took zero effort & looks quite beachy with my (attempted) ombre hair!
♥ I actually filmed a couple videos on using the webcam on my mom's laptop since i had some time with the house to myself.  I filmed a "what's in my bag?" & two different question tag videos - would you girls be interested in seeing them? ♥
♥ Two to follow: Little Elfie & That Kate


  1. I'd love love love to see those vids!
    "What's in my bag?" video's are my all-time faves to watch

  2. I love seeing 'What's in my bag?' videos as well, I think they are great as I am a very nosey person! So yea, please show them! xx

  3. Cute photos! I'd love to see the videos as well :) OH I also did a post today about me trying out Thea's tutorial because I loved your post about it. I made sure I linked back to you for inspiration :)

  4. Ah thats what im like. Got the week to do my media work... have i done any 2 days down? no haha


  5. @Katie & Megan - I love watching them too! Thanks for the feedback ladies, i'll deff have them up asap! :) x
    @Aimee - Thanks lovely :) Ahh, that's so awesome! I'll go have a look :D xx

  6. your really pretty;
    love those rings!

    courtney xx

  7. I am totally a procrastinator too! so sweet that you get a 5 day weekend ~ enjoy it to the fullest!

  8. Yes put up the videos!! I was hopeing you'd carry on with youryoutube channel :)
    And OMG, i love your owl ring! So cute haha! :) xx

  9. I love What's In My Bag! Put it up xx

  10. haha lindsay lohan in jail is a great halloween idea! i never get to dress up cos it's my birthday on the 31st,xx

  11. can't wait for the what's in my bag video! :) your hair looks awesome btw, I'm so jealous!