Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY: Ombré Hair.

Ombre hair is such a huge trend among celebrities (Drew Barrymore & Rachel Bilson look gorgeous with their ombre'd locks!) and bloggers this season - i first saw it on Lily's blog LLYMLRS, then on Rumi's blog Fashion Toast - both looking absolutely fab.  Since i'd been getting more & more tired with my hair, i felt the need to spice it up a bit.  I didn't want to cut it as i quite like the length & i didn't want to semi-permanent dye it again, so what better than to dive into ombre?

This is actually my second attempt at achieving ombre hair (the first dye i tried using didn't actually contain bleach -_-), and i'm really happy i decided to try it one more time - despite it being a bit tedious!
I used L'Oreal Paris La Petite Frost in H75 Chardonnay for attempt numero dos.  It was only about $6 at Walmart - deal, right?

This kit comes with a cap & hook for creating highlights, but i just chucked those in the garbage right away as i wouldn't be using them :).  I was really scared that my hair would turn more "frosty" than blonde (i have an intense fear of frosted tips), so i did a strand test to see how it would turn out first.  I took a good amount of hair from behind my ear, sectioned it off, and put the bleach on.  I kept it on for a good 20 minutes, rinsed out the bleach, and tried to dry it off a bit to see the result.  It was a bit darker than i wanted it to be (but not frosty at all, yay), so i knew that i'd have to leave the bleach on for a bit longer when doing all my hair.

I decided where i wanted the ombre to start, then slathered on the bleach.  I left it on for about 30 minutes & rinsed it out.  Since ombre hair's supposed to be even lighter at the tips, i applied more to the ends of my hair - left that on for about 25 minutes & then rinsed it out again.  It wasn't as light as i wanted to be yet, so i had another go with just the ends again.  I only left it on for about 10ish minutes.  The highlighting kit came with a shampoo, so i shampooed my hair (it's super moisturizing so i didn't need a conditioner), and let my hair air dry for the night.

I woke up and.....voila!  Kind-of-ombre-hair :)
I'm actually really happy with the results i got, and i might even go blonder at the ends yet :).  If you're thinking about ombre-ing your hair - go for it!  I'm SO glad i did!  The only thing that's a bit annoying is i feel like i can't really pull of darker makeup.  Maybe i'm just going through a i-suck-at-applying-makeup phase, but it just looks strange :/  It's the same with lip colors as well.  The ends of my hair don't feel dried out or anything - i was expecting them to be as i slathered soo much bleach on them, but yay :D

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair too, which is always nice!  ♥

♥ Ombre hair gets five gold stars from me :) - i absolutely adore the beach-y feel of it.
♥ Definitely give ombre hair a go if you were debating weather to do it or not!
♥ Check out some other lovely ombre-d ladies - Jennie, Zoe, & Nicole!


  1. ohhh you look pretty with your ombre hair =) xx


  2. cute! i've been seeing quite a few people do this out of no where lately and i think it looks really nice!

  3. Came out pretty good!:D So cute on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Looks fab! suits you :)


  5. Your hair looks so good! I love how the blond pops against the darker top in the bottom photos!

  6. after all this time im happy that it finally turned out the way you wanted! it suits you soo much :D

  7. aw this looks amazing girly!love it!

  8. woweee, you look fab laura!<3 i am so tempted to try it!xxx

  9. Your hair looks beautiful (:

  10. Love the results,suits you really well^^

  11. Ombre hair suits you sooooo much! I am so tempted to try it but my hair is so poorly from all the abuse i have given it!

    You look amazing! :D

  12. That is so gorgeous! Oh my goodness, I've never dyed my hair but I really want to do this now!

  13. This is soooo gorgeous! So jealous of your hair! I want to get ombre hair but im a bit scared it will damage my hair, i already have dry hair! xx

  14. Yay it worked at last! It looks really cute :)

  15. YOU LOOK AMAZING. Like you had it done at a salon. And you look all polished like you are from Hollywood. Wowww.

  16. omg i DIE over your hair like this.
    you loook so fucking gorgeous.
    i diiieee.<3

  17. Love it!! I did it last night and it looks just fine! ;) It's soooo easy!
    Loved your blog...

    XoXO ♥ Happy Brunette

  18. I don't like it.

  19. wah wah ur ugly but the hair looks nice