Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's in My Makeup Bag? ♥

Now i'm one of those girls who tends to carry her life around in her bag, but recently i've tried to minimize the amount of quote-unquote "crap" that i carry around with me - to save both my shoulder & my sanity.  Whilst rummaging through my bag and trying to make sense of all the mess, i first & foremost stumbled across my makeup bag and thought it would be a good idea to downsize the amount of junk i tote around in there.

I came to the conclusion that i really didn't need to carry around 50 hairbands & an entire palette of eyeshadows 24/7, so i took out all the unnecessary & excess baggage - resulting in a minimal, yet efficient makeup bag to tote around all the essentials i need on a daily basis :)

What are these essentials you ask?
I guess i'll let you all take a little peek ;)

The bag itself
This bag actually came free with a subscription to Teen Vogue.  I like to switch up my makeup bag quite a bit, but this is the one i'm currently using!  It's spacious on the inside & easy to find in my handbag.  It's not the most gorgeous thing ever, but i think it's quite nice & is easy to clean!


01. Compact mirror - Very handy to have a mirror (obv!) - for touching up makeup, fixing your hair, etc etc :)

02. Tresemme Travel Size Tres Two Hold Hairspray - Another very handy thing to have for long days at school and running about town.  Tres Two is my go-to/everyday hairspray, but the bottle is absolutely massive & definitely not something you would want to have to carry around!  If you live in the States, Walmart always has a little travel section with sample size products & such, which is where i got this bottle!

03. Eyelash curlers - I don't really like reapplying mascara, so i take my trusty eyelash curlers around in my makeup bag to give my eyelashes a little perk during the usually long, dragging day!  These particular ones are by Maybelline, but any would be fine :)

04. Facial tissues - aka Kleenex!  I have a little thing of tissues in my makeup bag at all times, even if i don't have the sniffles!  I can't tell you how many times i've went to the bathroom in a stall that didn't have toilet paper!  Very useful thing to have in those situations haha.

05. Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder - I can get quite oily throughout the day, so this is an essential if i want to prevent looking like an oil well!

06. Bobby pins - Pretty self-explanatory :)  My hair is usually a mess, so these definitely come in handy.

07. Lip products - I put the lip products (lippie & lip gloss) i'm using in a particular day into my makeup bag to touch up throughout the course of the day.  These two are my very well-loved Revlon Matte in Pink Pout & Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Please - two you've all heard me rave about before, which are the two most likely to be floating about in my makeup bag.


That's honestly all i carry around!  What do you girls always have to have with you in your makeup bag?
My next post will probably be on the few bits i got from Forever 21 yesterday.  Until then, hope you're having a lovely weekend!  ♥


  1. I love posts like this (: I carry around my foundation and my mascara.

  2. Ohh love your makeup bag, i always carry eyeliner and lippie- essentials! :) xx

  3. I these post's because you get to see what each person has in their bag :)