Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Explanation ♥

As some of you may have noticed, my blog has been kind of straying away from beauty & fashion a bit, and has turned into more of an inspiration or photography type of blog.  I have to say, this is unintentional.  I absolutely love makeup & fashion, but i feel like every 'fotd' i do is the same, my monthly favorites consist of the same few products, etc...and i find it hard to take decent photos of my outfits (which the outfits themselves can be quite similar).
I hate to blame the money factor, but it's so difficult to blog about new products or to show you girls what i've recently acquired when i don't have the money to actually go out & buy new clothes or new makeup.  I'm currently saving up for driver's ed, my trip to England & France (which was a struggle to even convince my parents to let me go), and a new camera, and i don't even have a job, so money is soo tight for me right now - i find it hard to even scrape up a few dollars to go out to a movie or dinner with friends.  Sure my mom will pay for a winter coat, or the occasional top, but with the economy the way it is and with money being tighter than usual, my family's priorities have been sorted out & the money spent on things that are considered more 'luxury' (ie. clothing, trips, makeup, etc.) has definitely decreased significantly.
Of course i'll try my hardest to continue blogging about makeup & fashion as per usual, but i just thought i'd let you all know what's going on and why my blog seems to be going off in a kind of different direction.  This post is more personal compared to what i usually post, but i feel like it had to be said.
I hope you girls understand.  You have all been SO supportive & lovely to me, and i'd like to thank you so much for everything ♥.

Since you're the ones who read my blog, what posts do you enjoy reading the most or what would you like to see more of on my blog?  It would be extremely helpful to get some feedback from you all :)
I'm off to go start my English essay (the rough draft is due tomorrow -____-).  Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Aw I know how you feel! Don't worry, you don't have to be rich to be a good beauty blogger :)

    I'd like to see a makeup organization/collection, maybe? xx

  2. i know how you feel! i handed my cv into a few shops today so hopefully soon i will be able to fund my expensive shopping habits haha (:,xxx

  3. I know exactly how you feel. You can post about anything and everything & I'll still adore your blog! xoxo

  4. I adore your blog the way it is. It is your blog and you should feel free to change it up a bit. You could always do reviews on products you already have and like, create some hair styles and demonstrate them or even do create some makeup looks to show off. You blog is fabulous and its yours. Fashion and makeup arent the only things in life.

  5. I get what you mean, money is really tight at the moment! And i loveeee you blog Laura, even if it wasnt a makeup blog id still read every post you wrote hehe!
    I really love the post you do about your week (im a bit nosey lol) as you have such pretty pictres in them!! xx

  6. Anything you write about I'll read! Whatever you write about you make interesting and fun! And I understand what you mean, we don't all have the lavish budget as many other beauty gurus and bloggers have but we can make do with what we've got :) love your blog girl, keep it up!xxx

  7. Aw bless u babe, yo donteed to explain yourself to anyone, at end of day it your blog and from what i cn see whatever u blog about is pretty amazing and gets people comin and reading them! Plus it makes your blog more intresting that theres moe things u blog about as well! Whatever u blo about i'll always read, yours is ne the first blogsi come and look at when on here xxxxxxx

  8. AND goodluck with your english essay!!

  9. i still think your blog is fantastic and i read it as often as i can no matter what you post :) i think you should just go with your instinct - i really like it when you show us basic tutorials or just how you do your make-up, stuff like that :) and hey if you ever need a place to stay in the uk give me a shout! haha
    x x x