Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Faves :)

September Faves
Another month has gone by.....*insert long sigh here*.  September just flew by didn't it?  I swear i just saw Gaga last week!  Well, with the passing of another month, comes the obligatory monthly favorites post!  These have to be one of my favorite times of posts, both to write & to read.  This is probably because it really shows the products that have stood the test of time - i mean, you can try out all these new products, but with monthly favorites it shows what you really ended up using & what have really worked out for you!

Well i'll get onto what i've been loving this past month.  These are in no particular order :)

September Faves 2
001. Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Purple
I've talked about this liquid eyeliner before in a fotd post, but i thought i'd include it in my September faves.  As i said in that post, it's really nice to switch up your everyday look.  I usually stick to my trusty black liquid liner, but it's nice to change it up every once in a while :).  This liner is really long lasting as well - it's lasted through many a gym class & long school days.  It does fade a bit after wearing it several hours, but that doesn't really turn me off!  Definitely worth a go :)

002. Brown eyeliner
Yes, another eyeliner!  I have been totally loving brown eyeliner in general.  This particular one is by Maybelline, but it's so old i don't even think it's even sold anymore!  Any brown eyeliner is fine though :).  Brown eyeliner is such great alternative to black - sometimes i find black can be very harsh, but brown gives just enough definition without being to harsh - love love love.

003. Benefit Erase Paste
When i first got this, i admittedly wasn't too fond of it - i didn't think it gave enough coverage, etc.  Since then, i've learned how to work with it to give just the right effect.  This is my go-to concealer for under the eyes, and it's just 'alright' on blemishes - i feel like i have to pack it on to cover any spots.  But as i said, it's wonderful for covering dark circles & brightening the undereye area to make you look like you got a full night's sleep, even if you didn't :)

September Faves 4
004. Clinique Powder Blush in New Clover
I've recently try to branch out from my trusty Clinique Iced Lotus blush to try out different shades.  I have to admit i don't own a lot of blushes, mainly because i find many of the ones i try out break me out, but this one is lovely.  I got it in a gift set in the spring - hence the pretty flower packaging.  It's a pretty coral-peachy color, and gives a nice flush to the cheeks - it's lovely.

September Faves 3
005. Yankee Candle Lip Balm
Who knew a company that's famous for their delicious candles made such fantastic lip balms?  This lip balm trumps my Burt's Bees chapstick..and even my Carmex!  This stuff is absolutely perfect for prepping the lips for lipstick.  No flaky, dry lips for me! :)  Definitely something to try out!

September Faves 5
006. Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer Brush
Last beauty item for this post!  I use this brush with my Bare Minerals foundation to set my concealer, and also to give a bit more coverage - it's absolutely fantastic!  It packs on the product - in a good way, haha - and is just a breeze to use.  Perfect traveling size as well :)


Do you enjoy the festive Halloween decorations? LOL
007. Vitamin D Tablets
I went to the doctor because i was feeling just really down & depressed, and she told me it might be because of seasonal affective disorder, so she told me to try out taking Vitamin D tablets because it was worth trying & wouldn't do any harm to my body (Cliff note's version haha).  I started taking them about a week & a half ago & already feel a difference!  Maybe it's just in my head, but either way haha.  Strong bones & teeth are the way forward right? ;)

008. AUTUMN!
Yes, i do love rainy/generally crappy weather!  Autumn has got to be one of my favorite seasons - if not my favorite!  The air is crisp, the leaves are turning bright yellow, orange, & red, the sun is rising a bit later & setting a bit earlier, i've had the luxury of bundling up in sweaters & blankets....i just love it!  Bring on the holidays ;)


More random favorites
009. Music - I've really been enjoying Beach House - particularly the song Zebra -Victoria's voice is amazing.
010. Eye candy - Andrew VanWyngarden.  End of story.  He's just so beautiful.  You may not think so...but tbh that's a good thing - more for me!  Haha ;)  He seems like such a great person as well :) ♥

What have you all been loving this past month?!


  1. The lipbalm definitely looks yummy =D

  2. the clinque looks like an amazing color.
    niice goodies.<3

  3. Wow, I need to find that lip balm, vanilla cupcake is my favorite yankee candle! :) I was told I have a bad vitamin D deficiency too and got vitamins, i never ever remember to take them anymore, thanks for reminding me haha.

  4. Im loving brown eyeliner too, its just not as harsh! And wow, the clinique looks lovely! I love autumn too! :) xx

  5. oh my god, where did you get that lipbalm!? i absolutely love vanilla cupcake ive been wanting one of the large candles of it for ages now, and a vanilla cupcake lipbalm?? wow! i need that! <3

  6. @Kara - I actually got it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond! Haha :) x

  7. Completely agree with number 8, holy moley I love absolutely everything about fall! And you missed a very important detail - hot cocoa and cider!

  8. Nice favorites!:D

    Wow, I didn't know they made lipbalms!:D I should try one!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. That lipbalm looks so cute and I didn't even realise they made them! xx

  10. ahhhhh i love autumn <3 it's the fact that i can layer my clothes and wear more makeup and just stay in with a cup of warm tea and laze about on the sofa :) and I have to admit that Andrew Van Wyngarden seems like a genuinely nice person and makes fantastic music, full stop. xx

  11. I got a couple of the Eyeko eyeliners from the event, so excited to try them!

    And the lip balm is amazing! Wish they sold them over here :) xx

  12. that lipbalm looks so cool! i really want to try erase paste (:,xx

  13. ohhh I definitely need a concealer brush pronto! lol

    great post sweety.

  14. that's so great you take vitamins, i always always forget in my morning rush! and andrew vanwyngarden is tooo cute!

  15. I had no idea Yankee Candle made lip balms. I'll definitely have to give that one a try...Vanilla Cupcake sounds amazing!