Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Week in Photos: Oct. 11 - Oct. 18 ♥

Some gorgeously delicious post-football game waffles with some friends at a local 24/7 restaurant (aka heaven on earth).

Watching Up while tucked into bed - i absolutely adore that movie.

SO happy to see fellow bloggers (even though they're basically celebs now!) making up an entire page in this month's Teen Vogue!

Sudoku > homework

Reinvigorated my intense love for Skins - i'm on season four, episode three now - gotta say, i miss the first generation cast!

As much as i love this time of year, these cold, gloomy days make me want to stay in bed forever!

Spent about four hours in Barnes & Noble with my sister the other day, in attempt to get some work done...well that attempt may not have completely worked but it was really nice to spend some time with mi hermana :)

Double chocolate chip frappuccino plz ;)

Did i mention this is my favorite top ever?  I might actually be in love.  Thank you Forever 21, you're a legend.

Went to Target to find an immense Soap & Glory sale.  S&G are stopping selling their products in Target (sadface :/), so they're entire stock is on clearance!  Fabby makeup bag - originally $16.99, got it for $4.24!  Perfect for my trip to England & France in spring :).  Eye cream - originally $14.29, got it for $3.57!  Check out your local Target ladies :)

Obligatory photo sesh with one of my sisters, on my mom's computer of course.  Look how schmexy we are!

And i wonder why i'm fat....a little surprise from my mom :)

Can't wait for My Chem's new album!  Not sure if it'll top The Black Parade for me, but we'll see!

Some yummy sunnies from the thrift store - just 99 cents, insane!

My parents were out of town for a couple days & gave my sisters and i money for a nice meal together - i of course had to get a caramel apple dipped in three different kinds of chocolate!  So good :)  Spot my favorite top?  (I wear different clothes i promise haha, this was the same day).

Breakfast of champions!  Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, a bagel with butter, & OJ.  Om nom nom.


Love how this post begins & ends with breakfast food - not intentional!  Haha, breakfast is my life.
Hope you're all having an ah-ma-zing week!  Xoxo.


  1. I love your top as well, and your necklace is adorable!! Xxx

  2. That top is cute, no wonder it's your favorite!:D

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Lovely post, and lovely top, and delicious food!!



  4. Gorgeous photos, you've made me really want/need waffles in my life! Mmmm! xxx

  5. lovely post, such pretty pictures! :)
    Those waffles look so delicious!

  6. I love posts like this (; I totally agree with you about the skins cast - no one can beat Chris.

  7. OMG peanut butter Ritz!!! Why don't we have these in the UK :(
    Cute pics!

  8. Ahh lovely post! I adore UP to, such a lovely movie, and Skins is my fav programme! Love it! Which part of england are you going to? xx

  9. i love that necklace, and the waffles look so good! x

  10. that waffle looks fabulous! so does that chocolate cover apple!!
    up is also such a fantastic movie

  11. amazing ;)

    if you want follow me <3

  12. I loved this! I am so going to copy this! X