Monday, October 25, 2010

Beachy Waves Without the Heat.

Now i'm the type of girl who loves the whole messy, i-just-got-out-of-bed 'do, but as many of you may already know - it's not as easy to achieve as it looks!  I've tried using crimpers, triple-barreled curling irons, etc. and nothing had given me the effect i've been looking for.  I remembered a tutorial i had watched by Thea, xrubyredlips on Youtube, and thought i'd give it a go again - i've tried this method before & really liked it but last night was the first time in months i'd tried it!

(link to the tutorial: Part 1, Part 2).

These photos were taken when i got home from school so the waves had dropped a bit, but this is the kind of effect this method to getting wavy-beachy hair gives :)

You start with damp, uncombed hair straight out of the shower & start kind of scrunching it with your hands.  You then spray it with a bit of hairspray - i used Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly hairspray - before braiding it & putting it in messy buns.  You'll have to watch part 1 of the tutorial for that as it's quite hard to explain!

 After doing all that, you go to bed, wake up the following morning, take your hair down from the braids & buns, blast it with a blow dryer (with a diffuser on it!), spray it with a bit more hairspray (by a bit i mean a lot) - i used my trusty Tresemme Tres Two Hold hairspray - et voila!  You can leave your bangs up or down as well, i just pinned back sections of hair on both sides of my head to give it a bit of volume & also because that's just how i roll :)
It's SO simple, and that's coming from me! 

Please excuse my Myspace poses ;)

Definitely have a go with this tutorial if you love the bedhead-chic look like i do :)
I'd like to thank those of you who left such amazing comments on my last post, it soo incredible feeling so supported by you girls.  Honestly means a lot ♥
Hope you all had a lovely Monday!


  1. This looks so nice on you. (Love the myspace poses haha)

  2. This seems so simple and easy! It looks so pretty and natural. I'll definitely have to try!

  3. I think I may have to give that a go. My hair is the flattest thing to mankind....

  4. ahh i love your hair <3 i wants it hehe xo

  5. So cute!! Ohhh the old days of myspace. Facebook is so much better.
    xoxo Debby

  6. Looks lovely, I've watched a few of Thea's videos on YT, for 14 she knows her stuff! x

  7. you look so gorgeous, i'd love to have your hair!xxx

  8. lovely hair!!!
    what a lovely blog! i just bumped into it and i like it so mych!


  9. So so gorgeous! I need to try this, i love messy beachy hair!! xx

  10. Thanks for giving us the links.:D

    I think your hair looks good, effortlessly sexy and messy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. your hair looks amazing; definately gonna' have to try this out!
    courtney xx

  12. Love those bracelets & your hair literally is the perfect color :-)