Friday, October 8, 2010

Fab Friday 002 ♥.

Welcome to the second ever Fab Friday ladies!  Here's the first one if you missed it :)
This week has been kind of all over the place for me.  It started off pretty well, lots of laughter & fun times to be had.  As the week progressed, the days just seemed to get longer & the work load just seemed overwhelming.  I'm already getting behind in a lot of classes :/.

I want to apologize for being so MIA blogging-wise lately :/.  School has honestly just taken over & i really need to focus on that, which i hope you'll all understand ♥.  On to the post!

01. Ombre hair attempt II & The Scarlet Letter 
As you may have read in my previous Fab Friday, i was considering ombre-ing my hair & i even bought the dye.  After all your comments telling me to go for it, i finally did!  Well, maybe it just didn't put enough on, or maybe it was the dye itself, but it didn't do much at all.  I just went to Walmart today & bought a different dye - this stuff is scary, i must admit o_o.  Frost?  Eeeeep...worth a try anyway!
I'm reading The Scarlett Letter for English, and i actually really like it.  It's so beautifully written & is super intriguing, it's definitely a book that i would even pick up on my own.

02. Floral flyaways & hand-me-down computers 
Showin' my floral cardigan-sorta-thing from Charlotte Russe some love :) - love this thing!
It was recently my mom & dad's 25th wedding anniversary, and my dad gave my lovely mother a new, pink laptop, so i got her old (crappy...ahem) one!  Better than nothing i suppose.

03. Satin Taupe & b-liv skincare 
This past week, i did another MakeupAlley swap & this time i recieved MAC's Satin Taupe eyeshadow - it's soo lovely & smooth.  I'm actually wearing it atm :).  It feels so good adding eyeshadows into my MAC palette!  Although i only have two so far, i feel so proud hehe :)
I was kindly sent some lovely skincare products from the line b-liv by Cellnique, and i'm genuinely enjoying them so far.  A full review will be on it's way once i test 'em out for a few more weeks.

04. Random bits :)
This will never get old.  NIN forever ♥.
Anyone buy anything from MAC's Venomous Villans Collection?  I feel the need to make a purchase from the collection as i absolutely adore Disney, but i can't decide!


  1. From what i have read/seen about ombre, people put bleach on the ends as apposed to a highlighting kit so that could be where you are going wrong as generally you cant lighten your hair with a dye without using some sort of pre lightener/bleach before hand. I bought bite of an apple blush and a couple of the lippies from the vv collection, all v cute but i like the blush best :)

  2. @Gemma Ahh thank you for the reassurance! I'll have to ombre this weekend :) Yeah i heard Bite of an Apple is gorg, i'll have to check it out in store x

  3. Good luck with ombre hair part two! I haven't managed to buy anything from the VV collection, sob! ):

  4. I hope your hair turns out how you like it.:D

    I loved reading The Scarlet Letter too.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Satin Taupe is my favorite.. I've been so lazy lately and have just been wearing it as an all-over lid color almost everyday actually, with a highlight color. nice and simple and still looks nice :)

  6. Good luck with the ombre hair :)

    I've got the scarlet letter in my house somewhere andjust never got around to reading it...I may have to dig it out


  7. Hope the ombre hair goes well! Never read the book, but im currently readyng Pretty Little Liarsa and they keep referencing that book haha!
    Cant wait for the skincare review! :)xx

  8. i love your floral cardigan!<3,xxx

  9. You are really positive and inspiring about everything:) its so niceee.
    I love your fab friday posts!