Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aztec print & hair wraps.

Aztec pullover - Pacsun, cross necklace - thrifted

Just a quick post today...  I got this sweater yesterday - i saw it in the store about a month or two ago, but didn't want to pay $50 it, until i saw it on a customer at work and thought, 'right, that looks so awesome on her, i'm getting it!' and voila, it's mine!  Turns out it was 30% off, so i got this & a t-shirt for around $40 including tax. :)  I tweeted about this already, but i am loving Pacsun.  It has a bit of a reputation as being 'skater' & 'middle school', but i really like it.  I'd say it's more of a laid back & fun style, not chic & sophisticated or anything, but i think it has a little something for everyone.

Faye posted recently (love her blog, it's so gorgeous & girly!) about hair wraps & braids and i was inspired to do a bit of my own!  I followed the tutorial that she linked and although it was a bit hard to get started, it was easy once i got the hang of it.  Since this was the first one i've done, it's not very good!  Next one i do will definitely be in different colors (not really loving the purple + gold combo) and will choose a strand of hair in a different location - this one is in a bit of an awkward spot.  I put a wooden bead with an L on it as well, kinda like it actually!

Had a nice two days off work, not ready to go back tomorrow, haha. :/
Hope you're all well. ♥

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Looking like a goon/leopard print cardigan from Goodwill - brand is New York & company, little metal ring from thrift store, working clock necklace (also from work), dream catcher (thrift store once again!), assembling my own furniture (girl power), organizing my vanity, vintage sale outtake.

I feel like so much has happened since my last chatty-type post & i'm feeling the need to fill you all in!
I suppose the biggest thing is that i got my license, i've had it for a little over two weeks now.  The freedom is amazing, just not looking forward to designating most of my paycheck to gas & insurance every week!  I suppose with freedom & all that good stuff comes responsibility & having to grow up a bit. *tear*
I also passed 700 GFC 'followers', which is madness!  I don't say it much, but i really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read/leave comments on this ol' blog.  Thank you everyone! :) ♥
Have been obsessed with a few things lately, particularly: Drive, leopard print, the color red, dream catchers, and subtle jewelry.
I apologize for not blogging as much, i do miss it!  Really wish i had more time not only to blog, but to catch up on everyone elses.  Wish i had more free time, whenever i do get a little time off i usually spend it hanging out with friends, sleeping, or watching Youtube videos!  The lighting has also been a bit crap for taking decent photos, but no more excuses. :P

I hope you're all doing well. ♥
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Friday, September 23, 2011

My vanity.

Although i'm still working on it, i thought i'd show you all my new vanity & makeup/hair storage arrangement! It's definitely not perfect and needs a bit of fine tuning, but i'm really pleased with it so far.  For those of you who have been requesting an updated makeup collection, here it (kind of) is.  I have to mention that i don't have a massive collection, i don't like to just collect a ton of makeup & have it sit in my drawer - i use what i have and yeah. :)  Besides, most of my money goes to clothes or into savings anyway!

The vanity is the Shabby Chic Vanity from Target and i kept my computer chair from my old desk.  I know it's a bit of an eye sore, but it's comfy enough & i don't have the money to scoop out on a nicer chair!  So don't mind that.  And don't mind the mismatching either, this set up is really working out for me right now and that's all i really care about at the mo!
Hope this is of interest to you all, although it is deffo still a work in progress. :)

I have replaced the tissue box with a mirrored tray from Target that i've put all my rings on.  Not sure how i like the tray right next to the gold basket thing, kind of clashes i think!  Will see what i decide to do with this situation.  Anyway, behind my ring tray, i keep my perfumes, & my iPod dock (quite an eye sore!)

Inside the vanity drawer.  It houses compacts, tools (eyelash curlers, tweezers, etc.), & my eyeshadow palettes (MAC, Sleek Makeup, and two Urban Decay).

I keep my q-tips & cotton balls in little glass containers i got from the thrift store - really handy!  My liquid eyeliners, brow pencils, and eyeshadow primers are in the London mug - also from the thrift store.  The next mug is from my kitchen cabinet and houses my mascaras.  The next cup (with little horse heads on) is from my grandpa and stores my brushes.  I keep my face primer and kabuki brush brush out as well, along with my dusting powder from Lush (as it's pretty), and a mascara i got in my Birchbox out on my vanity table.

Just to the left of that i keep my toner, makeup remover, moisturiser, allergy medicine, deodorant, chapstick, and a travel size bottle that i put my perfume in.  It's just handy having it out all the time because i'm usually in a hurry & it's easier to access.  To the left of those things is my old school makeup mirror (was my mom's from the 80s and i haven't found one that works better tbh!)

This VIKA Alex storage system from IKEA is literally my life, i don't know what i did without it!  I know it doesn't match/go with the vanity at all, but it's so amazing i don't even care.  It has two smaller drawers and three larger ones, and they are really deep & sturdy.  I assembled this myself (along with the vanity.. girl power) and it is such great quality.  I love it, if you didn't get that already. ;)

Top drawer keeps my hair tools and my headbands & scarves shoved in the back.  Could probably make this look prettier, but can't be bothered haha.

Next smaller drawer is the rest of my makeup - i keep all my lip stuff in a Birchbox lid; my foundation, bronzers, concealers, blushes, and highlight/contour powder in that white plastic holder; and just kind of chucked individual shadows, drugstore/sample Lancome palettes, and my gel liner in the corner, along with a towel in the back.

The first larger drawer is a fun one, it's where i keep all my hair products!  Shampoo & conditioner is all in the back, while mousses, hairspray, dry shampoo, heat protectant, etc. are all stacked on top of each other in the front.  I stood up the smaller products, like CHI Silk Infusion & Got2B Powder'ful.
This is another reason i love this VIKA Alex, it can fit ALL my hair products. ;D

Next larger drawer is a bit miscellaneous really.  I keep my nail polishes & nail polish remover in the back, and fake tan in the front; and Vaseline, back ups of products, and random skincare products fills up some of the rest of the space.

Last drawer is kind of a tangle of cords, but i keep heat styling tools & cotton balls in here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage spree.

Once a year, the thrift store i work at has a big vintage sale where we sell clothing, shoes (soo many boots!), hats, scarves, and bags that has been donated during the year & is considered 'vintage'.  I wasn't expecting too much to be honest, but when i was helping tag the items & set it all up last night, i became obsessed with everything i saw!  Since this is only a once-a-year sale, i have to pay full price for the items (usually get 50% off on clothes) and i can't stash anything for myself while i'm working.  Since i work 3-9 tonight, i woke up super early this morning to get there first thing so i could have first picks.

I feel so lucky to work where i do!  It's awesome to work with people who appreciate vintage things as much (or even more sometimes ;) as i do. ♥
You may notice something different about these photos from my last 'haul' type post, i've painted my room.  No more pink! :)

Leather fringe vest - $8.99 / Member's Only-style jacket - $7.49

Grey sweatshirt w/ pink & blue detailing - $6.99 / Grandpa-style cardigan (came with belt) - $6.99

Teddy bear fringed tee (don't judge me) - $4.99 / Colorado tee - $5.99

Kennedy Space Center tee - $6.99 / Wisconsin tee - $4.99

Sequined jacket - $9.99 / bag - $6.99

Minnetonka fringe ankle boots - $6.99/7.99


I am obsessed with everything i got, my faves are probably the fringe vest & the red jacket though!
Which piece(s) is/are your favorites?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready for autumn.

top - Ralph Lauren, thrifted
jeans - Old Navy
booties - ALDO
bag - H&M
rosary - Forever 21
nails - Revlon Lilac Pastelle
(Again, these were taken after i came home from a long day at school so my makeup has been trashed & my face is very blah!)

Can you tell i'm ready for autumn to roll in?  Bringing out the plaid, jeans, & leather boots - woop!  Fall is by far my favorite season in terms of weather and i love the clothes you get to wear because of it.  Definitely feel most comfortable when i'm a bit covered up tbh!  I have a feeling i'm going to be living in this outfit in variation.  Love these boots so much, the jeans are amazing, and i do love a bit of plaid flannel shirts.  Bit crazy that just a couple days ago it was 90 degrees & it's been in the 60s-70s the past two days.  Supposed to get back up to around 80 this week, which i am so disappointed with!  Sooo ready for a cold front to come through (bring on the hot chocolate, blankets, & football games!).

I became an Eyeko Embassador yesterday, so if you are ordering anything from Eyeko, definitely go ahead & enter in my code 'E17720' at the checkout!  If you spend over $20/£15/18 euro, you get a free gift. :)  If you're not ordering anything right now but might in the future, go ahead and click the link to Eyeko's website in the sidebar of my blog & my code will automatically be entered.  Just thought i'd add this bit in... sorry for the shameless plug! ;)

P.S. Those of you who do/read outfit posts - how do you title this type of post?/what titles do you prefer?  I never know what or how to name them!  Haha, i would do song lyrics like many people do, but idk.  I suppose i'm just doing whatever atm... so yeah, what do you like to title these posts?
P.P.S. This has been stuck in my head all day; My Body - Young the Giant.
P.P.P.S.  I did a blog post yesterday on my trip out to Versailles, but for some reason it's not showing up on anyone's dashboard, here is the link. <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day Seven: Versailles

Photo diary.
-Early morning Metro/confusion of where we were going exactly.
-Finally making it to Versailles.
-Exploring the Chateau/chandelier spam - absolutely stunning!

We spent the morning there, then headed back to Paris (where we went to Notre Dame) - that night we went to the Louvre.  My post on the Louvre will be my final post on my trip!


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