Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage spree.

Once a year, the thrift store i work at has a big vintage sale where we sell clothing, shoes (soo many boots!), hats, scarves, and bags that has been donated during the year & is considered 'vintage'.  I wasn't expecting too much to be honest, but when i was helping tag the items & set it all up last night, i became obsessed with everything i saw!  Since this is only a once-a-year sale, i have to pay full price for the items (usually get 50% off on clothes) and i can't stash anything for myself while i'm working.  Since i work 3-9 tonight, i woke up super early this morning to get there first thing so i could have first picks.

I feel so lucky to work where i do!  It's awesome to work with people who appreciate vintage things as much (or even more sometimes ;) as i do. ♥
You may notice something different about these photos from my last 'haul' type post, i've painted my room.  No more pink! :)

Leather fringe vest - $8.99 / Member's Only-style jacket - $7.49

Grey sweatshirt w/ pink & blue detailing - $6.99 / Grandpa-style cardigan (came with belt) - $6.99

Teddy bear fringed tee (don't judge me) - $4.99 / Colorado tee - $5.99

Kennedy Space Center tee - $6.99 / Wisconsin tee - $4.99

Sequined jacket - $9.99 / bag - $6.99

Minnetonka fringe ankle boots - $6.99/7.99


I am obsessed with everything i got, my faves are probably the fringe vest & the red jacket though!
Which piece(s) is/are your favorites?


  1. LOVE the tshirts, the teddy one is the cutest! x

  2. words cannot explain how jealous i am of your job! i especially love the tshirts and sweaters/cardigans... so amazing!! xxxx

  3. Love the sequined jacket! So pretty :)xx

  4. Love that bag, totally eye catching x

  5. I'm a bit of a vintage I would say everything :)

  6. The cardigan's my favourite :)

  7. I love the teddy tshirt, so cute!


  8. Oh my, these are all amazing!!:)
    I love the fringed jacket, you are so lucky to work in a thrift store! I wish somewhere near me selled vintage clothing! xxx

  9. loving the cardigan and jumper.. such great prices too! you've picked up some great bargains! x

  10. THOSE TEES. I am in love. I love slouchy vintage tees with simple skinny jeans. Looks so understated-chic!

  11. I love the grandpa style cardigan :)