Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready for autumn.

top - Ralph Lauren, thrifted
jeans - Old Navy
booties - ALDO
bag - H&M
rosary - Forever 21
nails - Revlon Lilac Pastelle
(Again, these were taken after i came home from a long day at school so my makeup has been trashed & my face is very blah!)

Can you tell i'm ready for autumn to roll in?  Bringing out the plaid, jeans, & leather boots - woop!  Fall is by far my favorite season in terms of weather and i love the clothes you get to wear because of it.  Definitely feel most comfortable when i'm a bit covered up tbh!  I have a feeling i'm going to be living in this outfit in variation.  Love these boots so much, the jeans are amazing, and i do love a bit of plaid flannel shirts.  Bit crazy that just a couple days ago it was 90 degrees & it's been in the 60s-70s the past two days.  Supposed to get back up to around 80 this week, which i am so disappointed with!  Sooo ready for a cold front to come through (bring on the hot chocolate, blankets, & football games!).

I became an Eyeko Embassador yesterday, so if you are ordering anything from Eyeko, definitely go ahead & enter in my code 'E17720' at the checkout!  If you spend over $20/£15/18 euro, you get a free gift. :)  If you're not ordering anything right now but might in the future, go ahead and click the link to Eyeko's website in the sidebar of my blog & my code will automatically be entered.  Just thought i'd add this bit in... sorry for the shameless plug! ;)

P.S. Those of you who do/read outfit posts - how do you title this type of post?/what titles do you prefer?  I never know what or how to name them!  Haha, i would do song lyrics like many people do, but idk.  I suppose i'm just doing whatever atm... so yeah, what do you like to title these posts?
P.P.S. This has been stuck in my head all day; My Body - Young the Giant.
P.P.P.S.  I did a blog post yesterday on my trip out to Versailles, but for some reason it's not showing up on anyone's dashboard, here is the link. <3


  1. lovely outfit, boots are cute :) x

  2. I really thought that the shoes or booties are you call them were moccasins. I forgot the brand. Aldo, Aldo, Aldo i will have to check you out.


    Having a blog sale, limited edition mac items up for grabs


  3. You're so beautiful, Laura. I adore your whole outfit - like seriously! I definitely want to try and replicate it - doubt I'd be able to pull it off as well! If it helps, the weather here in the UK right now is terrible, haha. Soo autumnal! Loved this post.

  4. I like your ensemble - it really does seem like a tribute to Fall :)I'm ready for the cozy clothes/shoes myself!

  5. you are stunning, laura! the boots really set off the whole autumn thing, they're beaut. will think of you next time I order from eyeko! x

    ramz and the flock

  6. Love the bag and your hair looks perfect! I like lyrics for outfit posts :) xx

  7. Oh my Laura your do look beautiful! I love your shirt, i wish we had thrift shops in England, they sound awesome!!:)
    I always do random titles for outfit posts ahha, sometimes songs, sometimes other things, i dont think it matters too much tbh haha:) xxx

  8. Love the shirt Laura :)

    Alexandra x

  9. I have a similar shirt to that which is also on its 2nd owner :). Looks great with lots of things :)

    I managed to see your Versailles post but I follow through BL.


  10. WOw, i love this outfit. It is so autumny!
    The ring is so adorable!

  11. such a cosy wintery outfit! i love the shirt xx

  12. Um... hello, gorgeous! I am seriously jealous of your hair, girly! So unfair that mine grows slowly. Seems I'll never get to your length! And I love the nail polish, definitely need to buy that. I miss you!