Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July snapshots

July is one of my favorite months out of the year. The weather, the sunshine, the festivals and events that take place throughout the city, the freedom... all reasons I love this month. I have to admit that I am sad to see it almost coming to an end because that means only a month separates me from classes starting up again. Don't get me wrong, I love school and learning new things, but nothing quite beats the freedom you feel on those rare summer days off.

Below are just a few snapshots from my iPhone from the many memories I've made with my boyfriend, friends, and family this past month.
It has been a very fun month which included things such as: seeing Luke Bryan in concert, walks through countryside trails, fun times with friends at downtown bars, and reminding myself that it is okay to forget about work for a night and fully enjoy my time with the people I love!

Questions of the day: What memories have you made this past month? What is your favorite time of the year?
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My first scrapbooking venture

This scrapbook is an on-going project that I work on for my boyfriend and me. The book is all about us and our little adventures! My boyfriend and I have been together for two and a half years now and have made many memories along the way (and always making more!). I always saved ticket stubs, wristbands, and other little trinkets from the different places and events we went to but didn't really know what to do with them. I decided to make a little scrapbook after looking around Michael's and seeing cute little scrapbooking stickers, paper, and books.

I can be a very sappy, sentimental person so having a way to "store" and reminisce on memories is very important to me. And if I get to do so in a creative way, all the better!

This is not an extravagant scrapbook by any means, but I am very happy with it and always enjoy filling the remaining pages with tickets and pictures as my boyfriend and I make more memories! 
Here are a few of the pages from the book:

Below are some of the materials I use to make the scrapbook:
The stickers on the left consist of little hearts, banners, stars, and words/phrases to add details to the pages. Under the stickers is thicker paper used to make the pages. On the lower right-hand side is a paper pad that I used to make backgrounds or cut out letters from. All of these items I bought from Michaels.
The box on the upper right-hand side is the box which I use to store the ticket stubs, pictures, wristbands, etc. that we collect from events and whatnot. I order all of my photos from Shutterfly.

How do you store the photos/ticket stubs/tiny souvenirs from the memories you make?