Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Shoe Love.

I have been in search for the perfect brown ankle boot (preferably with fringe & Native American-esque details) for quite a while now and it wasn't until i went into ALDO the this past week that i was finally satisfied!  My mom actually spotted these whilst walking by the shop's window in the mall and i just had to check them out.  They didn't have my size in stock, but the girl working was nice & offered to order them in my size and have them sent to my house.  I am so pleased with ALDO's customer service, not only was the girl working there very nice (despite being by herself & it being very busy!) and the shoes arrived at my house just two days later, in perfect condition.
Although they're more 'pixie boots' than ankle boots, i think they're really cute & i'm thinking i'll get a lot of use out of them!

I don't think i've wanted a pair of shoes so much in my life.  After seeing them on Barbara, i knew they just had to be mine.  But, I'm still SO torn on these, although they are absolutely gorgeous, they are incredibly narrow and they are quite painful on my feet.  I'm thinking i'm going to try & get the size up, but they're out of stock on Topshop's website, and i don't know when or even if they'll come back in stock (they've been going in and out of stock for a while now).  I really don't want to miss out on them, but i just don't think i'll be able to wear this pair since they aren't very comfortable.  I don't even know if the size up will fit me any better, but i'm reallyreally hoping they will!  Haha, mhm i'm quite pathetic. :P
If anyone knows if they will come back in stock eventually (as opposed to just taking them off the website!) let me know!  Plz & thx. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day Seven: Notre Dame

One of the major highlights of my stay in Paris was visiting Notre Dame.  I've always had a 'thing' for Gothic architecture, it's so intricate & detailed, but so dark & a bit haunting at the same time, it's just so beautiful to me.  So being able to go in the Notre Dame cathedral was just incredible.  The light was quite dim in there, so taking crisp photos was kind of a challenge, but i tried... when i wasn't busy looking up with my mouth wide open/standing in a puddle of my own drool (that was a joke, kind of.  haha).  It was hard to capture on camera how absolutely massive it was in there, it's really something you have to see for yourself.

 Cue the birds. ^_^

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The H&M addiction continues.

My mom & i made an impromptu visit to a mall that is about a 20 minute drive from my house, we justified going there by saying i 'need more practice driving'. ;)  I know, i know, i know i've been saying i'm going to try to save my money & not shop as much, but i think once school starts i'll have less time to go shopping (as i won't have as much free time!) and therefore my spending habits will calm down a bit.  Well, here's to hoping at least.... haha :l
H&M is quickly becoming my favorite store, i talked about this in my last H&M 'haul' post, but it's very much ~my style~ and their autumn/winter stock they have in at the mo is so nice!  After making two returns, i had a very long look around the store (i literally look through every single rack of clothes, sometimes going over the same ones multiple times.. i probably look like a mad woman), tried on a lot of things, and tried to narrow my choices down!  Aaaaand here is what i ended up getting.

Collared top - $17.95, striped pocket tank top - $12.95
Once i spotted the top on the left, i knew it had to be mine!  I didn't really have a top like this in my wardrobe, and i kind of gasped when i saw it.  It's so simple, but i love the black collar & how the black continues down the front.  It's slightly longer & drapey.  Will look awesome with jeans.  Don't really like baring my arms, but i might layer this.  Not sure how i the whole collar + sweater/cardi suits me though!
The striped tank top is another basic, and i know i'm going to wear the crap out of it!  It's actually perfect.  End of really. :)

Denim shirt - $24.95, red cardi w/ black elbow patches - $24.95
I actually tried this denim shirt on during my last H&M visit, but decided against it because it is so massive.  I'd been thinking about it since then & when i saw it there again, i just had to pick it up.  It was all on it's lonesome so i couldn't find a smaller size, but i'm in love with it.  The wash is amazing & feels really nice, i know it will hold up for a while.  Love it with the sleeves rolled up & maybe that striped tank underneath with some black jeans? :)
And omg, THIS cardigan.  I am, for some reason, completely entranced by elbow patches & have always wanted a sweater/cardigan with the lovely, 'grandpa' detail.  I stumbled upon this cardigan and immediately decided i had to get it.  I literally want it in every color & pattern (they had black & a few other colors, as well as black & white stripes), but i think i'll have to save that for another time.  It was a tough moment letting the other ones go... Haha.

Blazer - 34.95 (my mom actually treated me to this, bless her :'), dress - $9.95
I ended up stocking up on a lot of basics (and all in black, coincidentally!).  H&M has a great basics range - tank tops, dresses, etc. in various different colors at very reasonable prices.  Two more-'wardrobe staples' i got were the blazer jacket (which i just saw Lily has as well - i'm not copying her with the sweater & the jacket, i swear haha :) & the dress - both can be used to layer and can be used in many different ways - hence, basics!
The blazer is actually perfect, it's not made of the typical, heavy 'suit' material, it's actually a lot more lightweight & a thinner, so i think i will get a lot of use out of it.  It's casual, but still very smart. :)  I actually had to get a small in the dress as my typical medium was quite large on me, i think it's just H&M sizing tbh!  Can be very hit & miss.

Looser, longer black racerback tank - $12.95, basic lace cami - $7.95
Two tank tops!  The one on the left is a loose, drapey one that i love layering with, and the length is a bit longer so i think shorter girls could get away wearing it with leggings.  It's a really nice material as well, i know i'll get a ton of use out of it.  The tank top on the left is to replace one that i've had for a while & has gotten a bit worn out (pun intended).  I wear these kinds of camis under everything, i think i have about three or four in my wardrobe now!

Treggings/black jeggings - $12.95
These jegging thingys i'm a little torn on.  They are slightly too short & the waist is quite big, but i'm in need on black jeggings & these were only $12.95.  I'll have to try them on again & make up my mind, but for now i think they're quite cool.  I love the seaming detail that runnings across the thigh (i tried to photograph it but kinda failed) - it runs down the top of the thigh then curves inward & reaches the knee-area.  I already have black skinny jeans, but they are so uncomfortable & they're super low rise, i'm hoping to replace those with these!


Red suede ballerina flats - $12.50
White & pink crochet flats - $5.50 each
I ended up stopping by Wet Seal briefly to look at the shoes they had as i actually quite like what they have for shoes most of the time & they're all super inexpensive (apologies for the very wordy sentence).  I've been on & off the search for some awesome red flats for a while, and i think these are perfect.  The price can't be beat either!  I bought a back up pair of my white crochet flats as i absolutely live in them, and they were on a "buy one pair, get another for a penny" deal, so i got the pink as well!  So i ended up getting three pairs of shoes for less than $25.  That's insanity, in an awesome way of course. ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Six: Paris

Ever since i saw Passport to Paris as a little girl, i'd dreamt of going to Paris - it's romanticized in so many movies as 'the city of love' and all, but let's face it, they are just movies!  My stay in Paris was short (we spent two days & two nights there) and not exactly picturesque (our hotel was SO unbelievably sleezy & dirty), and it did have it's ups & downs (more downs than ups to be honest).  Maybe it's because i fell in love with London and didn't want to leave, but Paris was a letdown *gasp*.  I really think the hotel we stayed at put a damper on everything, it made everyone very pessimistic, and the language barrier didn't help at all, but we still tried to enjoy ourselves.  I really hate to sound like such a whiner, but i'm just trying to be honest!

We arrived in the late morning by train and spent the day on the bus, stopping to take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and at/in Musee de l'Armee during the day, and then at night we had dinner and stopped at Tour Maine-Montparnasse at night to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up.
I think someday i'll have to go back to Paris with a small, really close group of friends or a boyfriend (knock on wood ;) to have a more pleasant and lovely experience there.  Someday!

Just one more post left to go on my trip, i'm quite excited for it actually!  It involves Versailles & the Louvre. :)

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