Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Birchbox.

A few people i'm subbed to on Youtube are subscribed to Birchbox & so many people on Twitter and on Blogger are subscribed to Glossybox (the UK version you could call it!) so after seeing countless videos, tweets, blog posts, etc. on them, i just thought 'might as well'!  It's only $10 per month & you can cancel at anytime, so i thought it was worth a shot.  

Each month has a different theme, and this month's theme was 'beauty innovations' and Birchbox says the products this month are "products that are hopping boundaries, rethinking the compact, and shaking things up."  The box came with a card describing each of the products, and that's on the other side of the little letter in the third photo.  I think i'll quickly go through each of the products i received & give you my overall thoughts on it!  Keep in mind that i haven't tried any of the products out, these are just my first impressions. :)


Befine Night Cream (white tube on the right) & Exfoliating Cleanser (packet in the center) - I'm always a bit hesitant to venture out into different products skincare-wise as my skin is super sensitive & break out-prone!  But i do like that these are paraben & fragrance free and claim to be 'natural'.  Will probably try these out soon!
Blinc mascara (tube on the top right) - This product really stood out to me out of the rest of them.  It's supposed to be one of those mascaras that 'encases your lashes in tubes'.. i've never tried anything like it so i think it will be interesting to try out!
Kate Spade New York Twirl perfume sample - When i saw that this was in my Birchbox, i was a bit like... really?  I can get the little perfume samples for free from department stores & such, so it was a disappointment tbh.  It does smell quite nice though, very fruity & fresh.
LIFTLAB Lift & Fix High Potency Solution (little glass vile on the left) - This actually looks really interesting!  *But* i was very disappointed to see that the cap wasn't screwed on fully & half the product leaked out.  Thankfully it was wrapped in tissue paper, but still, half the product is gone now. :P  Very frustrating!
Twistband hair tie - This was the *extra* that came in my Birchbox.  Haha, a hairband?  Really?  It doesn't look too special or anything, just elastic tied in a knot on one side...


Overall, i was a bit of a letdown.  After seeing previous month's boxes, this doesn't seem all too special.  Especially compared to the Glossyboxes in the UK that have many full size products from high-end brands, it was a disappointment!  I know Birchbox and Glossybox are not the same company & all, but they are very similar concepts and around the same price range, so i think my argument's a bit justified.  The packaging is quite nice and i like that they did take the online survey i took when i subscribed into consideration.  I'm going to stay subscribed & hope that next month's box will be better!


  1. I think with these sorts of boxes you are going to get some months which aren't so good, shame it was your first box though.

    I agree about the perfume, you should have got a mini bottle!

    Hopefully the next one will be better! :) xx

  2. I'm so jealous you got the blinc mascara! I have been wanting to try that but I didn't get it, I got an enzyme peel or something. And the hair tie is even more useless to me as I've got a pixie cut... let's all hope we get something better next month!

  3. I would be gutted with this too. I have signed up to Boudoir Prive so it will be interesting to see how it compares to Birchbox and Glossy! x

  4. Aww its a shame you weren't very impressed! The mascara looks lovely too, it will stay on ages if its 'tubing':) Hope you get better luck next month hun!xx

  5. Great post! I nominated you for an award here :

    Love your blog :)


  6. Interesting post, I find the boxes to be a bit hit and miss too, which is what stopped me from signing up to Glossybox, but i'm sure I will cave at some point!

    I am so glad I found your blog through Lianne's(above)latest blog post..your photographs are amazing. I will definitely be coming back!

  7. so cuteeeee

  8. I got the same feeling with the glossy boxes. Like they have an amazing week where they give away nars, illamasqua so you think "oh i have to sign up!" and then you get the next months box and it's all crap unheard of brands... kind of sucks. The mascara in this box looks nice though! xo

  9. Sorry that you were dissapointed, I would be too though :/! Hopefully next months will be filled with goodies that you like!

  10. that is so sad that this was a letdown.
    i hope your next month is better.
    this is an awesome concept though!

  11. what kind of camera to you use?