Friday, August 5, 2011

Forever 21 and H&M purchases.

I've been wanting to stop by H&M for ages and finally went today.  It seems like it's the one store accessible to me that's in my price range & that carries clothes that are more 'me'.  I find that for fashion and styling and such, i really don't look to bloggers here in the US, but more in the UK, it's just my personal taste & what appeals to me!  So it helps that H&M also carries the same clothes (for the most part) in every country, so if i see a blogger/Youtuber wearing something from H&M that i really like but doesn't live in the US, i can most likely find the item and get it for myself!
I love that H&M's overall style is chic & polished, but still young & fun.  I spent about almost two hours in there and found so many great pieces, sucks i had to narrow my picks down!  Maybe another payday....
Sheer 3/4-length sleeve blouse - $29.95, mint green cardigan - $19.95
Can't have too many sheer blouses can you?  Think this top will look amazing with dark wash skinny jeans & flats in the fall with a cute bag.  Actually had to get it in a size 4 since it was a bit too floaty... too much floatiness on me makes me look/feel really large!  I always seem to buy a cardigan when i go into H&M, and this time i got this mint green colored one.  I don't have a cardigan this color, think it's quite nice. :)

Aztec print cropped sweaters - $29.95 each
When i spotted this on display, i was like 'oooh, Lily totally has this!' so basically i was sold.  Got it in both colors in size 12 so they're a bit bigger.  They're super soft & i cannot wait to wear these!

Peach/white/black/pink striped high-waisted shorts - $12.95
These look a bit strange in the photo, but IRL they look kinda cool.  When they're on, they are flowy & almost look like a high-waisted skirt, i think these would look nice with leggings & a cardigan as well during the colder months.

Clock ring - $5.95, purple cracked stone ring - around $5 (came with another ring but the stone was missing so i got 10% off)


Forever 21
I recently made another Forever 21 order and didn't pick up too much, as i'm trying to save my money a bit (as you can probably tell, it's not working out too well :P).  I got a lace cardigan kinda thing but i didn't even include it in this post because i'm just returning it!  I saw they've opened a store on Oxford Street in London and it seems like the overall feelings toward it are disappointment, and a lot of people do seem to like just the jewelry.  Thought that was quite interesting, i remember when so many people were excited when they heard 21 was coming to the UK.  I think Forever 21 can be quite a hit & miss really.
I'm dying to have stores like New Look or Primark (i can dream.......) open up over here.  I think i would die!  Or just be completely broke.

Fringe top - $17/18, feather & chain earrings - $5.80
The earrings are about 10" long, so i thought they would look quite cool with my hair down, since they would kind of blend in with my hair!  Finally have some feather earrings in my collection. :)  The fringe top i'm actually wearing today, very oversized & comfy, but it's made of rayon so it's a bit clingy!  Really like it though, glad it's a bit longer as a lot of tops out at the moment are cropped.

Rosary - $4.80/5.80
Probably my favorite item i got, been wearing it with everything!

Feather necklace - $4.80
Considering returning this actually, the feather tends to stick out and it's just not what i thought it was going to be i guess!


  1. love the clock ring! so pretty! :D must go check out H&m for that

  2. Love this haul! Seriously going to pick up BOTH of those sweaters because of you and Lily! Ahh. Really enjoyed reading this!
    xoxo Debby

  3. I really love your purchases, and you've made me so excited about going to the new F12 store on Oxford Street later today!

  4. I love those jumpers and the clock ring! Everything you bought is lovely! :)

  5. So much good stuff! Really like the fringe top and the stripey shorts xx

  6. I love h&m, the nearest one to me is about 40 minutes away so whenever I get to go, I always have a splurge! I love the feather earrings and all of your other purchases!

    Great post xo

  7. ooh nice finds :D im loving those rings that you found.. and the blouse... and the sweaters.. okay everything you got is adorable :)


  8. I'm so so glad H&M is the the USA, its my favourite ever shop in the UK and i'd be totally gutted to loose it! Love the sheer tops, they have some gorgeous stuff in at the moment x

  9. THOSE PRINTED SWEATERS!<3 Those are gorgeous. I was in h&m not too long ago, and they didn't have those or I would of gotten them they're perfect for fall xo

  10. These are all so pretty! I cant wait to go and look around F21 on Oxford Street! The jewellery sounds amazing! xx

  11. I LOVE those forever 21 earrings :)

  12. H&M have some gorgeous stock in at the moment - I just wish I had some pennies to spare. I like how their basic range is so easily styled into so many different looks. I have a few of the tunic dresses which are really pretty on (and a decent length!).

    Hope you are well :)

  13. Those sweaters are so cute but I think I'd look squat in them. The forever21 earrings are brilliant! With your long hair it can look like those feather extensions that cost $$$.

  14. Great shopping! I like everything! :)

    Btw, you are welcome to check out my fashion blog!!

  15. Oh my, I am so jealous! I love everything, everything, in here! I have this obsession with feathers and the ones here are just amazing! Great taste and amazing blog!

  16. I never seem to have good luck at F21, but I love that fringe top you got!