Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Six: Paris

Ever since i saw Passport to Paris as a little girl, i'd dreamt of going to Paris - it's romanticized in so many movies as 'the city of love' and all, but let's face it, they are just movies!  My stay in Paris was short (we spent two days & two nights there) and not exactly picturesque (our hotel was SO unbelievably sleezy & dirty), and it did have it's ups & downs (more downs than ups to be honest).  Maybe it's because i fell in love with London and didn't want to leave, but Paris was a letdown *gasp*.  I really think the hotel we stayed at put a damper on everything, it made everyone very pessimistic, and the language barrier didn't help at all, but we still tried to enjoy ourselves.  I really hate to sound like such a whiner, but i'm just trying to be honest!

We arrived in the late morning by train and spent the day on the bus, stopping to take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and at/in Musee de l'Armee during the day, and then at night we had dinner and stopped at Tour Maine-Montparnasse at night to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up.
I think someday i'll have to go back to Paris with a small, really close group of friends or a boyfriend (knock on wood ;) to have a more pleasant and lovely experience there.  Someday!

Just one more post left to go on my trip, i'm quite excited for it actually!  It involves Versailles & the Louvre. :)

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  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL. I have been to Paris before but have a memory like a sieve - so this has bought back lots of fond memories for me! Thank you so much for sharing! x

  2. Love the pics, looks beautiful <3.

    Sadie x

  3. Oh Passport to Paris was one of my faves when I was little :). Sorry it was such a letdown :/, I've always wanted to go there too. Hopefully someday :). And your pics are beautiful.

  4. I love these posts, you are such a fantastic photographer Laura! Paris looks stunning, i cant believe i've never visited before, i need to go! Shame your hotel wasnt too good but at least you got to take all these amazing photos:) xx

  5. i loved paris. the most beautiful city. your blog is lovely and i am now following, hope you can follow back.

  6. I was like "gasp, so gorgeous, le sigh... so jealous of you" because of your beautiful photos, but I'm sorry to hear your time was a letdown. I hope you get to go back and have a romantic time like in the movies! I hope that for me, too :P

  7. j'dore<3 i love these pictures there soo magical!
    visit my blog at and let me know what you think!

  8. these photos are amazing!
    Paris is amazing. I hope to go one day. ;)

    xoxo from Italy

  9. You have an amazing eye! Stunning photos xx

  10. these photos are like a dream.
    i can;t wait to someday walk those beautiful streets and see all of that history and beauty.
    you lucky girl!
    i can't wait to see versailles! <3

  11. These photos are so gorgeous!

  12. I agree with everyone else, you my deare are a FANTASTIC photographer! I think that you have a talent :) The pictures on your blog are always so pretty and calming (if that makes sense). I can't wait to see Versailles, i'm sad it's the last post covering your trip though :/

  13. Hello !! I love your blog , beautiful pictures !