Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Four: London & Greenwich

I tried to edit down the photos that i was going to put in this post, but i felt like there was just too much i wanted to share with you guys to just abandon some of them!  So don't mind the mass amount of picture spam...  Since there were so many photos i tried to let the pictures speak for themselves, and i'm not in the mood to type a novel of a blog post to be honest.  As i said in the past two posts i did on this trip, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and i had a fantastic time.
The fourth day of our stay in London, we visited the Tower of London in the morning, took a ferry to Greenwich for the afternoon, and went back to London for dinner, a ride on the London Eye, and free time.  Greenwich was so lovely, it's definitely a nice place to go for a day trip imo, so many cute cafes, shops, and things to see/visit.
I put a few captions to the photos so for a bit more info, read those. :)

Our hotel room.  My bed's the one in the corner by the window...Don't worry, i tidied it up before i left. ;)

We went on the tube & got off at Tower Hill bright and early in the morning to visit the Tower of London.

Just a few photos around the Tower of London.  We saw the crown jewels and everything - my jaw was literally on the floor the entire time.  So worth the wait, everything was absolutely stunning.

Tower Bridge. :)

After exploring around the Tower of London for a few hours, we then took a ferry along the River Thames to Greenwich, which was about a thirty minute journey.


Once we hopped off the ferry, we took a little walk over to the National Maritime Museum where we then had some free time to explore the museum, browse through the markets, grab a bit of lunch, etc.  My friends & i decided to take the hike (after much debate, the hill was MASSIVE) up to the Royal Observatory where you can stand on the Prime Meridian line (which you had to pay for, so we didn't haha) and have a really fantastic view of London - it was worth the trek.

Royal Observatory

View from the top... so lovely. :)

And there it is again, after we essentially rolled down the hill and had a walk through the field behind the museum!


Back to London....
A monument i forget the name of...  #touristfail

Leadenhall Market, which i was told inspired our beloved Harry Potter's Diagon Alley.

Had to take some touristy shots of buildings on our walk to dinner.

Took a sneaky photo in the stairwell of the restaurant, as you do.  I just liked the chandelier/mirror/window combo.  I'm a loser. :D

My friends & i quick stopped back at the hotel and then made our way to the London Eye.  I have to say the area by the Eye is soo lovely!  I'm petrified of heights but made myself go on it anyway, i knew i'd regret it if i didn't.  None of my photos really turned out (darkness = low shutter speed = a blurry hot mess of a picture) except for the one i took of the metalbarsstructurewhatever, of course. :P

I think this was on the wall leading into a station or something, i thought it was sweet.

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  1. looks like so much fun! Im jealous :P

  2. Again, such lovely photos (: You've really made me want to go to London for a total tourist day, I've never been to see all these places, I usually go out to Central to eat, shop and see friends! xx

  3. Laura, yet again stunning pictures. You captured London really beautifully and should be proud of your snaps! You've made me wanna go to London xxx

  4. Gorgeous pictures! You make me want to rush down to the capital and have a huge tourist day there!

  5. STUNNING photography. You've deffo caught the beautiful side of our capital!

    The monument you couldn't remember the name of is pretty much known as 'The Monument' ! =) It's to commemorate those who lost their life in the great fire of london, hence the big gold flame pattern on top! =) Hope i helped!

    - Tallulah XX

  6. so jealous! amazing photos! xx

  7. Beautiful photos - they are amazing me miss London so much! Can't wait to be back there soon...

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  8. These pictures are amazing, Laura, and I really, really loved reading this post. It brought back a lot of memories from last summer! :D
    I remember seeing the crown jewels, and they were so beautiful and amzing. I also went to Greenwich (it was a one-day trip too), and I do remember that hill! It took us forever to get to the top, and once we did we so were too tired to do anything, so we just sat there and talked. I should have rolled down the hill too! Haha I didn't know you had to pay to see the line, though! ): xx