Monday, July 25, 2011


About to pop out to the mall soon, but thought i'd do a quick bloggy blog.  I'm going to the mall in attempt to find something to wear for senior portraits tomorrow - just want to get them over with tbh!  Already know what i'm going to do with my hair & makeup (hair - straight w/ volume & ends curled in a bit, makeup - everyday neutrals), but i'm a bit confuzzled with what i should wear.  I'm going to keep it simple & timeless, nothing too trendy, but still cute obv. ;)
Today i'm just wearing a crop top with little birdcages on it from Forever 21, denim shorts from H&M, & my new favorite dream catcher earrings i found at the thrift store.  Haven't washed my hair in a few days so i just threw some dry shampoo in & fishtail braided it - looks decent to me!

Hope you're all doing well & having a nice start to the week. :)


  1. love your lipstick & that ring is soo cute! xx

  2. Love that ring!
    Where is it from? :D

    Simple and timeless sounds good. I have some very back pictures from when I decided not to do that. A pretty dress always works!


  3. Love the birdcage top, so cute! xx

  4. aah your top is so cute! is it a print with little birdcages? :D


  5. seeing hair like yours makes me hate my own short hair haha! the plans for it and your make up sound beautiful, sure you'll look lush x

  6. love the fishtail on you, wish my hair was long enough to pull it off! hope you find something for your potrait :) -x-

  7. Hi hun, Your hair looks so pretty in a side fishtail braid :)