Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer wardrobe.

Quite a while ago, i got a suggestion on Formspring to do a post on my favorite summer clothing items, i quickly got to making a little list, but never took the time to actually take photos.  (Sorry girly!)  Well, i finally got around to doing so.

I didn't exactly pick out my 'favorite summer clothing items' to show you guys, but i wanted to kind of give a little insight into what kind of clothes i've been wearing during these warmer months.  So i split this post into categories based on trends or types of pieces (ie. crop tops, sheer tops, etc.) and picked pieces that i thought did well reflecting each category.  I didn't include accessories or shoes, i might do accessories in a different post, but i didn't do shoes because i've literally been faithful to one or two pairs of shoes & i just wear flip flops by the pool/at the beach!  I did include bags though, because i view those as an essential, just like a shirt or bottoms. :)

My style is generally kind of 'effortless' & not incredibly dressy or anything, so this summer is no different.  I do like to dress up a bit don't get me wrong, but i don't like to look like i've tried too hard.  I also just feel more comfortable in generally more casual clothes.

With that being said, here is a little glimpse of what i've been wearing this summer. ♥

Crop tops
I've been quite liking wearing crop tops this summer, particularly with print or typography on them.  I generally wear longer crop tops as i don't think i can pull off shorter ones!  I typically wear a little cami or tank top under them, like if i'm going to work or something, so my belly's not hanging out (haha, problem area :P).
They look great thrown on with a pair of denim shorts & sandals or flats.

birdcage & 'weekend warrior' tops - Forever 21, triangle print top - thrifted

 Sheer tops
I like wearing sheer tops year round really, but i think they look particularly appropriate during the warmer months.  There's just a romantic and effortless feel to them, making them really easy & comfortable to wear.  For the summer, i like to stick to lighter shades - they just feel more summery & also don't absorb as much light/heat!  Again, these look great with shorts or even with dark wash jeans for cooler days or at night.

Peach long sleeve top - H&M, floral two-layer top - New Look, white pussybow blouse - H&M

Color & patterns
Summer is the one time of year i can wear super bright colors & bold patterns without making a spectacle of myself.  And with the sun shining & no clouds in the sky, who wants to wear dark or boring clothes anyway? ;)  If i'm wearing a top with a bold color or pattern, i like to keep everything else fairly neutral so that piece really gets the focus & it's not too overwhelming.

Bright yellow top - Primark, tribal print top - Forever 21, hot pink pussybow blouse - Primark

Dresses & rompers
If i'm going somewhere that i wouldn't be able to wear something casual (like jean shorts) to or if i just feel like it, i'll throw on a dress or romper like the ones above (they're all dresses, but rompers like the one in this post!).  I love anything floral, but mixing it up with tie-dye or another pattern is always nice & summery as well!  I typically like my dresses to be cotton dresses (one on the right) or a flowy material (one in middle), i find they're more suitable for the weather.  Again, they're something you can just throw on & go!

Both floral dresses - New Look, tie-dye dress - thrifted

I'm definitely more of a shorts person than a skirt person as i feel more comfortable in them.  I ordered about four pairs of shorts from Forever 21 but have only really worn two pairs of them because i'm quite picky about the fit of them!  I think everyone needs a pair of denim shorts in her wardrobe, they're super versatile and always in style.  (I've been wanting a pair of studded ones for months now!  So edgy & 'cool').  Just as with skirts, it's fun to play with patterns & colors of shorts. :)

Jean boyfriend shorts - H&M, tribal print shorts & pinky/khaki shorts - Forever 21

Crochet/lace vests
If i feel a bit exposed & just want to cover up a bit or want to add a nice detail to an outfit, i'll throw on one of these.  I think they're really cute & add a bit of texture and interest to an outfit.  I've just realized within the past couple weeks how important texture is in an outfit - if you have a outfit where every piece is solid & flat, it's a bit boring really, and trust me, i've had plenty of outfits like this but just couldn't figure out why they were so uninteresting!  These offer a bit of coverage without compromising style and without making you really warm.

Crochet vest - Kohl's, lace vest - thrifted

Denim jackets
I love love love myself a denim jacket!  Something about them just shouts 'badass' to me.  They're perfect for summer nights as they aren't incredibly, incredibly thick & cozy, but they still offer a bit of warmth.  I've acquired four denim jackets just in the past few months in different washes, but the two above are my faves.  Love light to medium washed jackets, that are also a bit cropped, but not too much, and of course with the sleeves rolled up.  These look awesome over literally everything, and i think as long as the washes aren't too similar, you can pull off wearing them with jeans (for example, i'd wear one of these jackets with dark wash jeans).

Medium wash jacket - thrifted, light wash - Primark

 Cross-body bags
No one wants to lug around a big, heavy shoulder bag during the summer (at least i don't....), so a cross-body or messenger style bag is definitely suitable.  They'll hold all (or at least most ;) of your 'stuff' and are lightweight so they won't drag you down.  Most of them are smaller as well, so it'll force you to only take the essentials.  Most of the time i'll take the fringe bag on the left - definitely one of my favorite bags i own, but if i'm going to work or generally have to take more things & bigger things with me, i'll opt for the satchel on the right which has a much bigger capacity.  Both are fantastic!

Fringe bag - Primark, satchel - Target


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  5. I love the sheer tops, I've become a bit of a fiend for them at the moment, especially as Primark have some lovely ones in for lovely prices!


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    this is wonderful! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous summer wardrobe I always have mine complete just at the end of summer heheh


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  17. @Tegan - Thank youuu, I just use the 'simple' layout & customize the html myself to make the widths how i want! Also the customize the fonts, colors, etc. xo

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