Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spending the Pennies

Once again i've found myself spending every last bit of my paycheck.... so much for saving up for college, a car, etc.  Le sigh.  So, my friends and i decided to take a little shopping trip to the local mall.  Now, i don't usually shop at this mall since it doesn't have a few of my favorite shops (Forever 21 and H&M mainly), but it does have two stores quite similar to Forever 21 - Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal.  I prefer Forever 21 to both of these stores since i find F21 has a bigger stock and it usually has a lot of on-trend pieces, whereas Charlotte Russe has the same type of clothing a lot and Wet Seal i find a bit trashy to be honest!

We just didn't feel like driving all the way out to the other malls, so we settled on going to the nearest one!  I was surprised to find a few really cute items that i can see myself wearing quite a bit.  Bear with me as i try to find the best way/location to photograph clothing, it can be quite a pain in the behind!
I've also linked all the items i got to the stores' websites, i could actually find them all (well, besides the rings) this time, wooo. :)


Charlotte Russe

Floral romper - $19.99, floaty batwinged print top - $22.99

 Rings - 2 for $8

Satin bow flats in nude and black - $19.50 (buy one, get one for $10)


Wet Seal

Open-back, studded pull-over - $21.80

I like to call these my old lady doily shoes! - $14.80

I also found the most amazing yoga pants from Wet Seal as well, and for only $12.50.  They're just the right length and everything!  A bit big in the waist, but nothing i can't handle. ;)
Hope you're having a lovely week!  I'm already starting to loose track of what day it is...if it wasn't for work, i'd be in pure oblivion for the next three months!  I'm out to go enjoy the sun and get ready for work.  Xoxo.


  1. Loving the changes you've made to your blog Laura (:, those bow shoes are really pretty!xx

  2. everything's gorgeous; love the studded tops and your 'old lady' shoes!

    your nails are a beautiful colour!

  3. Gorgeous bargain on the rings - the "love" one is so pretty x

  4. i love the blog changes.
    and all those items are lovely, the romper is GORGEOUS, and the rings.
    btw "spending a penny" is a euphemism for peeing :) xxxx

  5. Ahhh i wish i had a job haha! That playsuit is gorgeous, or 'romper' as you americans call it ;)
    By the way your blog is looking beautiful!:) xxx

  6. I love the nude coloured pumps and the 'Love' ring so much!!

    In response to your last post, I love my ombre hair too ;) xx

  7. I've been wanting rings like that forever! And the studded shirt is amazing. I'm also loving the changes you made to your blog :) I think one sidebar makes everything a little easier to read.

  8. oooh you did really well on your shopping spree Laura! that bat wing top is sooo cute. i hit up the mall today and got a few PINK tops at the Victoria's secret semi annual sale.

  9. You got some lovely things, I especially love that Love ring, so pretty <3
    I really like your blog, it's super cute! :)

  10. I loooove that floral romper!