Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ombré Hair, Part II

As i've mentioned before, my hair and me have quite an up & down relationship.  I hate it one minute, love it the next, etc etc.  When i'm going through a phase where i'm really not pleased with it, i usually semi-permanently dye it or snip some bangs or something along those lines.  I've ombre'd my hair before (post on that here) but i suppose i just got sick of it and semi-permanently dyed my hair again, which i think stained the bleached part of my hair as it didn't go back to the way it was.

On a whim, i bought the same highlighting kit i used last time & ombre'd it again!  I'm so pleased with it and love it even more than before.  The main difference between bleaching it this time to last time was that i used aluminum foil to wrap the ends of my hair so the bleach would do it's magic a bit more.  I also tried to make it a bit more of a gradual fade rather than a stark contrast between the lighter and darker hair - i did this by putting more bleach by the crown of my head & around my face.
If you want to know how i did it exactly or you're thinking about doing it yourself, but you're a bit hesistant, watch this tutorial.  She's fab & her hair looks lovely, and the video is actually really insightful. :)

A lot of people in the ol' blogosphere are saying they're sick of ombre hair or that it's not as 'cool' anymore because everyone has it, but i don't care!  I love it and i think it's really nice for summer.  I haven't seen anyone around where i live with it, so i don't think it's a big deal... and even if a lot of people did have it by me, i don't think i would really care to be honest.
I'm quite proud of it and i don't think i'll be sick of it for a while. :)


  1. its so beautiful! and i think its very cool, plus i don't see many regular people with it, so its not that much of a big deal. anyway, it looks amazing on your hair!


  2. This is beautiful! I want you hair!!
    Do you think that ombreing your hair has left the ends damaged? xx

  3. @Anonymous - People on Twitter & stuff have just been going a bit crazy... haha :P Thank you lovely! xo

    @Hannah - Aww, thank you. :) My ends are definitely a lot drier & feel very fragile, but i think with a good leave-in conditioner & heat protectant and trying not to use a lot of heat on them, they'll be ok! xo

    @Elise - Thank you :) xo

  4. I actually haven't seen anybody in my town/the surrounding towns with ombred hair! I've been thinking about it, but I'm scheduled to have my hair cut so doing it now would be a little pointless when it'll just get chopped off! Yours looks very good. Maybe one day I'll get mine done!


  5. I agree, I haven't seen many people where I live with ombre hair either, just bloggers. I love ombre but not sure how my hair would turn out as it's already so light anyway. wish I had brown hair! :) xxx

  6. gorgeous! I see tons of people that have done it so badly lol. I have it naturally so that's cool.

  7. You've done a really good job! Your hair is so long, making me miss my long hair :( haha xx

  8. that's exactly what I've found! as quickly as I found out about ombre hair, everyone was saying how much they already hate it.


    p.s your blog is amazing!

  9. Your hair looks so cute!!! I have a hair appointment at 10 today and I am going to get it done but I have having anxiety about it looking good on me... hopefully all goes well!! :)