Monday, September 27, 2010

My First MakeupAlley Swap!

As some of you may already know (i feel like i start every post out like this haha :P), i participated in a swap via MakeupAlley, and despite a few issues (which i'll get into later), it went fairly well!  I won't say her username, but the girl i swapped with was quite friendly & had gotten very positive feedback from people she had swapped with in the past.  I was surprised she trusted me, a new swapper to MakeupAlley, to go through with the swap.  We decided to swap for MAC eyeshadows - i had Sushi Flower, which she wanted, and she had Sable, which i fancied having a go at :)

I sent my package out about three weeks ago, before Labor Day.  She got the package three days later & said she just came back from the post office & that i would be receiving my package sometime a week later.  Well, about two & a half weeks past, and still no package..i thought i had been swaplifted.  I messaged her saying i still hadn't gotten it, with no reply.  She messaged me back three days later saying that if i didn't get it by the next day, she'd show me a receipt as proof of sending it out.  Lo and behold, a day later i had gotten Sable with two samples of other products inside!  I think you'd agree that it could've been a lot worse (like having actually been swaplifted!), despite her lying about when she actually shipped it out.

MAC's Sable
MAC's Sable eyeshadow - a staple of lollipop26 (that's when you know it's legit haha :) - came just in time for the homecoming & i actually used it in the look i wore to the dance..but you should already know that if you read my post on that ;).  I can't wait to use this shadow for other looks - it's SO gorgeous!

Overall, i would swap via MakeupAlley again, but for all of you who are a bit hesitant, definitely take caution & if you feel uncomfortable with it, don't swap!  The link to my MakeupAlley profile is here if you're interested in a swap!
Have you/would you ladies ever swapped anything through MakeupAlley?  How was your experience?!


Thank you SO much for all your amazing comments about my last post!  You are all seriously soo incredible! ♥  Watch out for a post about the actual homecoming week, a lot of you seemed interested & some of you English girlies don't even know what homecoming is!  Definitely look out for that post soon ;)
Hope you all had an amazing Monday.  Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Success & Blogging.

Out of all the questions i'm asked on Formspring, on Twitter, through emails, etc., how i got the amount of followers i have is my most asked question.  The first few times i got asked this, i didn't really mind, but as i kept getting asked this, it just frustrated me, so i've decided to do a post on it once and for all.  I don't mean this to be bitchy or snooty in any way, so please don't take it like i'm being big-headed or something.

Compared to many other bloggers, the amount of followers i have is fairly pocket-sized, that's not to say i don't appreciate every single one of them though.  I think everyone who's started a blog knows what it's like to have just two followers and what it's like to feel like you're going to get nowhere in this blog-o-sphere.

When i first started, i have to admit i was a bit obsessed with the amount of followers i had, frequently feeling down & bad for myself because i felt i didn't have as many as i wanted.  Since then, i've realized that blogging isn't about the amount of followers you have, it's something you should do not because you want to be 'famous' or are just doing it for the money, you should do it because you want to.  For me, blogging is something i genuinely enjoy and it's my hobby.  Some people like gardening, others like playing sports, well, i like blogging & everything that comes with it.  I love taking photos for posts, going through them all, selecting which ones i'd like to put in a post, writing up the post itself, publishing it, commenting & following other blogs, etc.

I'm no longer number-obsessed.  Sure, it's nice knowing that people actually read what you post and like it enough to follow and comment, but for me, that's just a plus to blogging.
So how did i get the amount of followers i have?
Simple: i put the effort into my blog & got involved with the blogging world.
My advice to anyone who's just starting out...No matter how discouraged you feel, just keep writing & making posts.  Be nice to everyone and try not to get jealous.  Get involved with other girl's blogs by commenting, following, etc.  Lastly, try not to be too concerned about how many followers you have!  If you just keep posting, people are sure to discover & follow your blog.  Remember it takes time & you're not just going to gain a gazillion followers overnight :)

I hope this cleared up any questions you had & hope i helped some of you out!
If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eyeko Saucy Polish! ♥

As some of you may already know, i'm currently obsessed with all things red - nails, clothes, you name it!  So when i saw this polish, i knew i just had to paint it on my nails straight away.  The polish i so lovingly glided on my nails is one of Eyeko's newest polishes - Saucy Polish For Naughty Nails!  It's a bright, classic tomato red - the color & the name of the polish actually reminds me of salsa..tehe :)

I had heard a lot of great things about Eyeko's nail polishes, so i had high hopes for some seriously naughty nails ;)

Base coat - Maybelline Express Finish 50-Second Nail Color Base & Top Coat
Top coat - Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat

Saucy Polish actually went on really well, it dripped a bit at first, but overall it was really easy to work with.  You could get away with using just one coat to be honest, but since i really like to pack the color on, i ended up using 2-3 coats, depending how each nail looked after the second coat.  I found it dried really quickly, which of course i loved - i can't stand waiting forever for my nails to dry!


The brush isn't too thin or too thick, or too plastic-y, which is nice, but i did find that since it's so long, it was a bit messy, but nothing a little touch-up with a q-tip couldn't fix.
I did notice a little of wear at the tips of my nails, but that may just be because i'm rough on my nails :)

I really love the packaging, it's not like any other bottle i own!  It's quite quirky, and i adore the cute name :).  I'm a total sucker for cutesy things like that!  I think red nail polish is something every girl should own - it adds a little bit of sauciness to any outfit and can really pull an outfit together, it's like the cherry on top of any look!


Overall, i was really pleased with this polish & would recommend it to anyone who's looking to add a little spice to their look!  Eyeko polishes are available for $5.50 to those in the US on Eyeko's website, and Saucy Polish in particular is available here!  If you live in the UK, i think some Superdrugs sell Eyeko, and you can always order online :)

Look out for some more posts on other Eyeko products in the near future! ♥
Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Disclaimer: I was sent Saucy Polish for consideration, but of course this is 100% my opinion, i'm not being compensated for this review, and i'm not affiliated with Eyeko!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Products I've Been Loving.

Sure it's too late for an "August Favorites", but there's always time for a "products i've been loving" post!  So yep, i'll just quickly run through products i've been reaching for a lot lately & have really stood out from the pack for me recently.

♥ Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Zero" ♥
Everyone must have at least heard of these eye pencils before, and with good reason.  I wouldn't normally spend $17 on an eyeliner, but i got this with the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows (post on that here), so of course i gave it a go.  This liner really impressed me - it's super pigmented & dark, glides on very easy, and stays put for quite a long time.  Definitely one of the best eyeliners in my collection.

♥ MAC 217 Blending Brush ♥
The 217 was the first MAC brush i ever purchased, and will always be a staple of mine.  It's perfect for applying color to the crease & blending out any harsh lines.  I also use it for applying & blending eyeshadow to the outer corners as well, as i don't have a brush for that purpose atm!  I've also heard of people using this for applying concealer & other cream products, but i personally use my finger or a stiffer brush for that purpose.

♥ Bare Minerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation ♥
I got a free sample of this foundation at Sephora, and i'm really glad i got to try it out!  I usually use the Original foundation, but with my oily skin, i can look a bit shiny as the finish of the Original formula is quite glowy.  With the Matte foundation, the staying power & all that is the same as the Original, but i notice that i'm not as shiny-looking by the end of the day.  When i run out of my Original foundation, i'll definitely be purchasing the Matte formula!
Review on the Bare Escentuals Starter Kit here :)

♥ Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher & Bare Escentuals Prime Time ♥
The reason i put these two together is that i use these two products together to create an amazing base for my foundation :).  After cleansing, toning, & moisturizing my face, i apply Estee Lauder's Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, wait for that to soak in for a bit, then apply my Bare Minerals Prime Time primer.  Together, these minimize my pores and control my oiliness from completely taking over my face as the day progresses.  During the summer, i can get away with just using the Estee Lauder Refinisher or BE's Prime Time, since dewy-skin is more of a summer thing for me, but during the school year & such, i feel i need a bit more control & together, these products work really well for that purpose.

♥ Triscuit Thin Crisps ♥
I just had to add this to the products i'm loving list!  They're little salty triangle cracker things, and i didn't like them so much at first, but they've really grown on me :).  For me, it's a step in the healthy direction (sure they still aren't the healthiest snack out there, but whatever haha).  Definitely give these a nom if you have sweet & salty cravings like i do!

What products have you been loving?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall-Inspired Nails ♥

I've been inspired by the recent weather change in just about every way in regards to my appearance - clothes (cue the cardigans & scarves :), makeup, and today - nails!  I love bright, colorful nail polish just as much as the next girl, but i embrace warmer, darker colors just as much.  It was quite enjoyable removing my neon pink polish and giving myself a nice fall-inspired mani!

Sorry for the mess ;)
After taking a brief scope through my polish collection, i landed on OPI's "It's a Doozi, Says Suzi", which i got in a sale at Boston Store last year, i believe :)
"It's a Doozi, Says Suzi" is a gorgeous vampy red, with subtle gold reflex in it.  In most lighting, it looks like a super deep red, almost a bit brown.  In sunlight, the gold really comes through & sparkles with all it's might :).  Suzi is absolutely fab!  I had to apply three coats, but it went on very smooth.

As a base coat i used Maybelline's Express Finish 50-Second Nail Color Base & Top Coat.  Three layers of OPI's pretty polish later, i applied Revlon's Extra Life No Chip Top Coat, which i am absolutely in love with!  Review for it here.

This is probably the best mani i gave myself in a while, hehe.  Look out for some more nail posts ladies!
What's your favorite color to paint your nails for fall? :)


I wanted to put a little spot in this post in remembrance of the horrific events on September 11, 2001.  Thoughts and love to all the families and friends who lost the ones the love ♥.
Never forget.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Current Perfume Love ♥

Before i start this post, i'd like to say thank you to everyone who gave recommendations of MAC eyeshadows to try out, i have a huge list now!  Thanks again ladies :)

As some of you may know from a previous post, i was looking for a new signature fragrance as i my beloved Vera Wang Princess was on it's last leg.  I hadn't had the chance to really test out all the perfumes i wanted to, so i kind of kept putting it out for a while.  About a week ago, my mom found that my oldest sister Stephanie had thrown out an almost-full bottle of perfume that she never wore.  My mom asked if i then wanted it, since she knew i was in need of a new fragrance, so i took it, not thinking i'd like it.

I have to say, the fragrance has really grown on me!  The perfume in question is Fancy by Jessica Simpson.  I didn't think i'd like it, as i kind of have a prejudice against celebrity perfumes to be quite honest, but this perfume has really exceeded my expectations.

The Scent & Lasting Power
I'm not the greatest at describing scents, but i'll do my best!  On me, Fancy smells quite fruity, but sweet at the same time.  It has hints of vanilla, but it's definitely not too overwhelming.  I'd say this fragrance is for younger girls, not so much more mature ladies as it is quite a youthful scent.  Since Fancy is an eau de parfum, it actually lasts quite a long time on the skin.  When i spray it in the morning before school, i can still smell it by seventh hour - muy impressed :).  The bottle is also huge so this will last for a while!


It's not the most classic of scents, but i do really like it & i'll be wearing it for a while :)
What perfume are you currently loving?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Starting a MAC Palette!

I recently ordered an empty MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette online & woke up to it all wrapped up in MAC's signature black packaging on my dresser this morning!  I sprang out of bed & merrily ripped it open to reveal black tissue paper & a sleek black box, containing this beautiful palette :)


The initial reason i bought this was because i was planning on swapping with a girl for a depotted eyeshadow, and since i had no place to store depotted eyeshadow, i needed to acquire something that could, of course.  Well, she never messaged me back about the swap, so here i am with an empty MAC palette!  I don't regret ordering it though, because i do intend on using it, for collecting & storing gorgeous eyeshadows of course, and i think it would be amazingly handy for travelling.

This is where you lovely ladies come in!

I need your help!
I need recommendations on some eyeshadows that i need to check out!  I'm more of a neutral girl, as some of you may know, so shadows in the neutral range would be ideal :)  What are your go-to MAC shadows?

I have 15 spaces to fill up, slowly but surely of course, so leave your recommendations in a comment, Formspring, or tweet, and i'll definitely take a look at them next time i'm at a MAC counter!

Thank you so much in advance girlies :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Beauty Purchases ♥

I have to admit that i haven't been buying as much makeup as i'd like, but literally all the money that i've been making has been going toward either saving up for driver's ed, or saving up for my trip to England & France in April.  Since i don't have a job, i've been doing petty chores around the house & spending as little money as possible.

That being said, whenever my mom offers to take me shopping & spend a little money on me - i have to accept!  On one of our recent shopping outings, she took my to Walmart where i bought a couple things :)


Clairol Natural Instincts Rich Color Creme Non-Permanent Hairdye in 31 Coffee Creme (Rich Darkest Brown) - around $5 with coupon
This is my third time purchasing this line of hair dye (i can't bring myself to branch out!), i've done a post before with the result of the last time i dyed my hair, so if you want to read that click here :).  I'm not sure exactly when i'll be dying my hair, but sometime soon for sure!  I'll definitely be doing a post on it so look out for that :)

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof in 825 "Very Black" - $6 with coupon
This mascara is one of the staples in my collection.  I had a $1 off Covergirl coupon so i thought i'd pick up another tube :).  I've never tried the waterproof version, so i thought i'd try it out for a change.  Three cheers for pretty lashes :)

Tresemme Curl Hydration Lotion Creme - $4-$5
I was strolling down the haircare aisle in attempt to look for a new hairspray when i spotted this.  From what i read on the bottle, it's basically a leave-in conditioner & not exactly 'curl-specific', which is good as i was actually on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner :).  Haven't tried this yet, but i'll test it out & see how it goes!
I also bought a backup of my favorite hairspray, Tresemme Tres Two Hold Hairspray.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 025 Pink Please - on sale for about $5
Another repurchase!  This lipstick is one of my faves & definitely my most-worn lipstick.  It gives just the right pop of color, but is still quite subtle.  I have a full review here if you're interested!


I hope you ladies are all having a lovely week!  Tomorrow's Friday, yay :)
I'm off to go get ready to go see Lady GaGa tonight!  So freakin' excited ♥