Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup.

A couple months ago, i bought a Bare Escentuals Starter Kit from Sephora, after recommendation from my dermatologist.  My dermatologist said that the foundation i was using (Revlon Colorstay) wasn't doing my skin any good, since it was a liquid.  She said that a mineral powder foundation would let my skin breathe and also my blemishes to heal faster.

Sorry, they're a bit dirty!
♥ Let's start with the brushes.  The kit came with all of these, from top to bottom: Full Flawless Face Brush, Flawless Face Brush, & Max Coverage Concealer Brush.
I use all of these everyday and under each separate review, i say which one i use for what job.
Overall, i really like these brushes.  I've heard reviews about them saying they shedding excessively, and sure they do shed a bit, but it doesn't make me like them any less.  The only real downside to these brushes i find, is that they take a while to fully dry after cleaning them.
My favorite brush out of all of these is probably the Full Flawless Face Brush because it picks up a lot of the product and really gives pretty nice coverage - which i need!  It's really dense, it's basically a kabuki - and i also use it to blend my contour & blush out a bit.
The Flawless Face Brush is thinner, longer, and less dense, so it doesn't pack the product on as easily, but i still really like it.
The Max Coverage Concealer Brush is really nice as well and works really well to apply your concealer - i use this with both my powder concealer, as well as my creamy Studio Finish Concealer from MAC.

♥ Bare Escentuals Prime Time
I got a sample size Prime Time in my Bare Minerals starter kit and loved it, so i bought the full size (not pictured) and use it everyday.  Prime Time is a primer that only contains 11 ingredients - no parabens, no fragrances, and no preservatives & it also contains vitamins and antioxidants - it's really natural, and contains gorgeous ingredients.  Prime Time minimizes my pores, as well as fine lines and the bumpiness i have going on on my forehead atm.  The only downside to this is that it doesn't control my oiliness all day long, i still look oily, but that's also because of the finish of the foundation, but we'll get into that later!  That's a downside really, but for less oily skin types, this would probably work fantasically!  For me, PT creates an amazingly smooth base.
I apply Prime Time with my hands.

♥ Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
 In the little information pamphlet that came with my BE starter kit, it says that people with oilier complexions should apply Mineral Veil before your foundation, so i do - i also apply this after my foundation, bronzer, and blush to blend the colors in a bit, to prevent shininess, and to set my makeup.  Mineral Veil is a translucent powder, but unlike most powders, you can pack this on & not look powdery or cakey at all.  It gives a really nice finish - it makes your skin look so luminous and glowy, which is a slight problem for me, as i have oily skin, but for people with drier skin, i think it would look stunning.  The only other problem i have with this is that when i apply this after my foundation, i feel like my blemishes are exposed even more, although i just covered & concealed them. 
I apply Mineral Veil with the Bare Escentuals Flawless Face (on far right of first photo) brush using the swirl, tap, buff method.
-With heavier hand before foundation.
-With lighter hand after foundation, basically dusting it on.

♥ Bare Escentuals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fair
Bare Minerals Foundation is the only powder i've ever used that hasn't made my skin look chalky, powdery, or cakey.  Like with the Mineral Veil, i can pack this stuff on & my skin will still look very natural.  Even though it's a powder, BE doesn't dry out my skin.  The way this foundation applies is delicious, haha.  Bare Escentuals claims that although it's a powder, it goes on like a cream - and it really does.  Sure it doesn't literally turn creamy, but it applies smoothly, even without much thought.  The finish to this stuff is also super amazing - it's luminous and healthy-looking.  
As for helping my acne to heal, i feel it does help a bit.  I feel like the liquid foundation i was using before had so many ingredients (BE has seven) and was so heavy that it was just smothering my skin and not allowing my skin to heal as quickly as it could.  Since this foundation has fewer ingredients and the texture is fine & light, i feel it really allows my skin to breathe and within the first week of using this, the texture of my skin & my acne had honestly improved a smidgen.
On my "good skin" days, i use this foundation as a concealer.
The packaging of this product makes it as little messy as possible, if you're careful.
I apply the Bare Minerals foundation with the Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face brush (it's more dense & packs on the foundation amazingly - on far left in first photo) - using the swirl, tap, buff method.
I apply the Bare Minerals foundation as a concealer with the Maximum Coverage Concealer brush using the swirl, tap, buff method as well.

♥ Bare Escentuals Warmth All Over Color
Let me just start by saying this product has just three ingredients.  Three!  Am i the only one amazed?!  Again, preservative (paraben) free, fragrance free, etc.  Warmth is a bronzer basically, so i do the "three" motion to apply it (forehead, cheek region, & underneath jawline) and with the little bit left on my brush, i lightly go over the rest of my face.  Warmth can also be used as a subtle contour.  It looks natural - when i wear this i get comments from people IRL saying that i look tan (trust me, i'm not tan).  Warmth applies really smoothly & i think this stuff will last a long time since you need so little of it.  I've recently discovered that this product goes a little red in pictures on me - this may be my fault because of how i apply it, how much i apply, etc. but either way, no es bueno!
I apply Warmth All Over Color with the Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush.


I really love the concept behind having makeup that's good for your skin, and i really love Bare Escentuals as a company.  If you're curious to try these product, i recommend getting a Starter Kit so you can test these products out, but not have to fully commit with your money to purchasing the full size of everything & purchasing the brushes individually.  In my opinion, mineral makeup is for all ages, races, and skintypes because it's so easy to use, it looks like your not even wearing makeup, & there is a wide range of colors.


USA: you can buy Bare Escentuals at Sephora in stores & online, as well as on the Bare Escentuals website
UK: you can buy Bare Escentuals on the UK website, as well as in stores (i'm not sure where =/)



  1. This really cleans my face… It’s a good one because it cleans my entire heavy make up…

  2. I have been wondering whether to try these products for ages after seeing a post done by Zoella back in the day - shall order a starter kit and give it a whirl!

    Great post xx

  3. Iv always awanted to try this brand, it looks great! :) xx

    i wanna get a kit like this.
    so i can get lootts of goodies.
    and i love that warmth<3