Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Faves! ♥

It's that time again!  Time to share with what products we've all been loving this month :)  The year's going by incredibly fast - we're already on the verge of summer!  Goodness... i'm afraid to blink because if i do, it'll be time to put up the Christmas decorations!
I with the sun showing it's face a bit more and with the air being more hot & humid, the products i choose to use everyday is changing, and i'm also using more products to keep my skin healthy and looking great!  This will be a long post, so i apologize in advance....Let's get onto it!


1. Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof deodorant
Sure, this may be a bit embarrassing to put in this post, but i don't care because i have been totally loving it!  I have tried the regular Clinical Strength, but it doesn't work as well as the waterproof version, which makes sense.. ew, right?  Haha.  I'm just going to go straight into talking about sweat i guess, that's the only way to really say how effective this product is!  Ever since entering my teen years my hormones have gone crazy, and a side effect of that is sweating.  So that, along with the hot weather, is just a recipe for embarrassment & being uncomfortable.  Ever since using this, i have noticed that my underarm area is significantly drier & smelling fresh!  I believe i found my new favorite deo :)

2. Coppertone Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion
With the sunlight beating down, it's extremely important to protect your skin.  I have been using this sunscreen since last summer, and i really love it for everyday use.  It has an SPF of 30, which isn't too high, but again, it's great for everyday use - however, if i were going to the beach or planning to be outside all day, i would definately use a sunscreen with a higher SPF.  Since my skin is really sensitive to fragrances (esp. in lotions), this is a fragrance free lotion, but it still has that amazing, summery smell of sunscreen :)

3. Lush Vanilla in the Mist soap
You might've seen that i bought this delicious soap in a recent haul (link here), and since then i've gotten to use it quite a bit :)  I'll be writing up a full review on this product soon, but i wanted to include it in my May Faves because it's absolutely divine.  The scent is super warm vanilla, and almost coffee - it's incredible.  It's also quite moisturizing, which for a solid soap isn't something you come across too often.  I absolutely adore this product ♥.  Look out for a full review!


1. Clinique High Impact Mascara in 01 Black
I did a review on this way back in the day, i kinda stopped using it since i discovered CoverGirl Lash Blast, but i've since rediscovered it.  I still use my Lash Blast, but i use this as on top of it, on the outer corner lashes - it really gives my lashes even more length & volume, and creates more of a cat-eye effect.  Love!

2. Double-ended eye brush
Whilst walking through a cosmetic aisle in Walmart looking for a blending brush, i came across some Revlon brushes, as well cheaper ones - of course i went for the cheaper ones.  I'm not sure what brand this one is exactly because the the label came off of the packaging... but if you spot the Revlon brushes in Walmart, i'm sure you'll find these right next to them.  I already own the MAC 217 brush, which is great for applying color to the crease & blending, but i wanted to find another one to use for when i'm using a look with multiple colors.  This brush is great for blending, i still prefer my 217, but this is a great brush - reminds me of the MAC 224!

3. CoverGirl Cheekers Bronzer in 104 "Golden Tan"
Before i got my Bare Minerals Warmth, i was running low on my favorite Clinique Bronzer ("Sunkissed"), so i went to Walmart (i'm noticing a pattern here...) & tried to look for a nice, inexpensive bronzer.  I landed on this CoverGirl bronzer, and i really like it!  I'll put a little swatch of it above here, it looks like the name sounds, goldie-brownie, but it comes up more orangey-brown on the skin - kind of annoying, but you can always blend it out a bit :)

4. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm
I'm pretty sure you've all either tried this stuff, or at least heard of it - with good reason too, it's really nice!  I have been using these for years, but went off it a couple months ago because i was trying to use up some other lip products.  Since i've used them all up, i repurchased this & have fallen back in love :)
So minty & fresh feeling on the lips!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow in "Mad Hatter" (Original name: "Twice Baked")
I absolutely adore this color.  I use this in the outer corner & blend it into the crease, and it looks really nice!  I've tried using up other colors, from Urban Decay & other brands, and i always come back to this.  There are glitters in it, but it really isn't noticeable once applied - still a nice little touch :)


1. DIY Sailor Button Earrings
So i was having a crafty day a couple weeks ago, as you may know (I did a blogpost on it!  Link here :), and on that crafty day, i made these earrings out buttons & old earrings!  I wore them so much this month, they go with soo many outfits!  Love, love, love - and they were free, eeeee!  Guilt-free accessories :)

2. Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff 10 Day Nail Color in 06 "Violet Frost"
This gorgeous color has been on my nails for the majority of the month!  It's a very pretty, uhh... violet frosty color?  Haha :).  I rediscovered this baby while taking photos for my recent nail polish collection post (link herezzz).  I received many compliments on it - that's always nice, right? :)  The formulation is so-so, probably because i've had this for years & years - it's still a very pretty & somewhat easy to work with polish.


Say cupcake five times fast if you actually made it through this post!  Hahaha :O
What have you ladies been loving this month?


  1. great favourites :) I love Burts Bees x

  2. Lovely !
    That urban decay eye shadow looks gorgeous !

    Kisses xoxo

  3. that deoderant seems good ((:,X

  4. God I want those Urban Decay shadows!

  5. Those shadows look amazing! :) xx

  6. I have the AIW palette and i love it!x

  7. That eye shadow is such a great color! I am a big fan of UD shadows, they always come in the most vibrant and fun colors.

  8. i need that mad hatter. i freeekin love it.<3

  9. I really love that nail polish color!