Monday, May 24, 2010

No More Snow Fairy!?!

Yup.  It's official.  I'm out of my Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel!!!!!!  :(
In case you don't know, Snow Fairy SG as well as other products with the same scent are limited edition, and only come out during Christmas time.  I got 3-100 mL bottles during the Boxing Day Sale & i've officially used every last drop of them!
The scent is aaaaamazing & takes me back to last Christmas when i first smelled this.  *sigh*
The Godmother soap has just about the same scent, but it's not the same - know what i mean?  Haha.
Lush, if you're reading this, you need to start selling again asap!  Nomnom it's delish.

All that remains is the pretty blue glitter at the bottom :(
My plan?: Since the bottle still contains that amazing sickly sweet scent, i'm leaving this bottle in my drawer so i can unscrew the cap & smell it occasionally to hold me over till Christmas :) haha, i'm such a sad excuse for a person!

Snow Fairy, you will be surely missed.
Until next Christmas,


  1. I had a mini heart attack upon reading the title becuase I thought maybe it was be discontinued to never come back again! Good to know thats not the case :)

  2. Hhaha, this looks amazing! :) Xx

  3. I have a 500ml bottle and a 100ml bottle which I'm using up so slowly!! I think I could make it last till christmas haha :) xxx

  4. @Cupcake - omg i would cry! haha xx

    @Katy Wilko - i am seriously jealous! you're smart to buy a 500 mL bottle.. haha eek, you lucky girl! :) x