Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lippies, Lippies, Lippies! ♥

Before i get into this post, i would just like to give each of you ladies a massive thank you and a huge bear hug for i reached 200 followers yesterday!!!!!  That's honestly amazing :)  Out of all the gorgeous blogs to follow, you chose mine!  I can honestly remember when i only had 5 followers...agh, you girls are amazing!
Thanks a million delicious cookies :) ♥♥♥♥

So i suppose this is a lipstick collection post - i hate saying collection because it sounds really snooty, but i guess that's what it is =/.  Oh, and sorry for these collection posts, i promise i'll think of other posts to do!  That reminds me, in the left sidebar i have a little poll for you girls to do, telling me what kind of posts you'd like to see :)  I need your input!  It would help a bundle :)

So i digress...lippie time!
I'm definately more of a lipstick girl than a lipgloss girl.  My collection is not big at all by any means, but i use pretty much all of them so they're not all going to waste in my drawers!  I'm definately still building up my collection.. so yeah :)

This is how i store my lipsticks, lipglosses, and chapsticks - haha, it makes it look like i have such a tiny collection, well i do but that's not that point....anyway!  If you'd like to see how i fully store my makeup, click here! :)

I have provided swatches for you all & will do a brief overview of each :)

1. Maybelline Color Sensational in 635 Very Cherry: 
You'll probably notice, this super bright color is the only one of it's kind in my collection.  The few times i wore it (only once in public...haha) i got two different reactions, either "OMFG what the hell is that girl wearing" or "Wow, it's very stand-out, but i think you can pull it off".  I went to Target to pick up a red lipstick one day & they were out of the shade i wanted, which was a darker, more wearable one - so i just got this one.  Well, we all make mistakes don't we?  I have a full review of this lipstick here if you're interested :)

2. Maybelline Color Sensational in 025 Pink Please: I bought this after Gemma raved about it in a video a couple months ago, and i'm so glad i did!  It's actually my most worn lipstick, it's very wearable and really adds much needed color to my neutral / somewhat boring looks :).  Full review here!

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew in 220 Pink Chic: 
I was strolling down the aisle in Walmart the other day and spotted the metallic purple packaging for these, so i just had to check them out..naturally.  I was originally going to go for a neutral shade, but i landed on this pink beaut (i'll have to go back for the neutral!).  You'll see it looks very similar to #5, which is actually MAC's Snob - Snob is much more opaque & a bit more drying than Pink Chic, so i wouldn't say it's an exact dupe, but it is indeed very similar.  I'll do a full review on this soon :)

4. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude: 
This is the only nude lippie i own, and the only one i've ever used - isn't that sad?  I bought it before i even heard the hype about it - haha it was so silly, i was roaming the cosmetic aisles of Walmart (there seems to be a pattern here...) & was sweating - well, you know what i mean - over a lipstick to buy, i wanted a nude but just didn't know which one to get.  Since i bought it, i've heard many good things about it on YouTube, especially from MakeupbyMel, saying it's the "perfect nude lip" - she's much tanner than me, but it still suits me quite well.  I'll have to do a more in-depth review on this :)

5. MAC lipstick in Snob (Satin finish): 
Snob is the first MAC lipstick i' ever bought, and i like it loads!  I already compared this to #3 on this list (so if you skipped over that, go read it!).  I would love to try more MAC lipsticks, but the $14 pricetag kind of puts me off...everyone says it's worth it, but i can't bring myself to invest in them!  What are you favorite MAC l/s shades?  I'd appreciate your suggestions!!  Full review on this lippie here!

6. Clinique Colour Surge Lipstick in Extreme Pink:
Thus begins the frosty lipsticks.  I'm not too fond of Clinique lipsticks because the ones i've experienced have been very frosty, which i'm personally not too fond of.  This shade looks more dramatic on the lips than it does on the swatch, so it's not very suitable for daytime.  A pretty shade though!  I don't feel too bad about owning these Clinique lipsticks because i got them in a free gift set :)

7. Clinique Different Lipstick in Think Bronze:
This is definately more of a pinky-peach shade than it is a bronze-y one, so the name always throws me off!  Again, another frosty shade.  Think Bronze is more suitable for daytime than Extreme Pink, but i still don't get too much use out of it - mainly because it's a more peachy-toned pink, whereas i like true pinks :) - another gift set piece!

8. Clinique Different Lipstick in Angelic:
Angelic is more of a peachy-brown type of shade, and it's also frosty (ugh yes, once again!) so i don't get much use of it at all tbh.  Might end up passing this on to my mom or using it more over the summer :)  We'll see!  I believe i got this in the Spring/Summer gift bag.

9. Clinique Colour Surge Lipstick in 22 Pink Beach:
I actually have two of these lipsticks and they are my most worn Clinique lippies.  On the lips it comes out as more of a darker, but more natural - yet still frosty, erg - color.  I don't know why i dislike frosty lipsticks so much... i suppose i just like the more satiny, glossy, or matte-y looks!

What are your favorite lippies?!


  1. I like collection posts :) We all earn stuff in one way or another.

    Great collection. I've just recently wanted to start collection some lippies. Unfortunately, I can only window shop :P But this blog helps!

    Oh and congrats on 200 followers!

  2. Ooh I think the second and third ones are super pretty! I agree with being more lipstick than lipgloss..but damn you for tempting me into buying more I don't need! Terrible... :) xx

  3. Nice post sweetie (;
    you know it's really funny that i've been thinking about lippies the whole day today, wondering which one to buy next, reading reviews... and now you go and post this! haha :)
    I like #4 a lot! I dont know if it's sold here or not though... Ill have to check it
    & I really want to try the Maybelline Color Sentational lipsticks but the color that I want is only sold in the UK and i still haven't had the chance to buy it :S

  4. Congrats on the followers, you derserve it :)
    These lipsticks look great, i want to get MAC Snob, im more of a lipstick girl than lipgloss too :)
    My fav lippie is MAC Hue, its sooo pretty :) xx

  5. I think I only own about 3 lipsticks! Ip;m more of a gloss and balm girl. You have some gorgeous shades though.

  6. omg how awesome! I envy you indeed, I actually dont have ANY lipstick =/ I only own lip gloss ahaha, but this post has made me want to go out and try some lippie ;)

  7. Lovely post hun, congrats on 200 followers too! I only have 2 at the mo, me and you! lol Keep up the good work ;o)

  8. These are all gorgeous! I don't really wear lipstick too often but my favorite one is MAC Pink Noveau :) it's so pretty and bold!

  9. Lovely collection! I like the swatches - so much easier to judge the colours that way. Out of the lipsticks you mentioned I have the MAC lipstick in Snob and Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude. Gotta love the colourburst lipsticks! Can't think of any that look so fab and still feel really nice on my lips

    P.S. congrats on getting over 200 followers!