Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIY: Earrings, Hair Accessories, & Phone Case :)

This past weekend i was inspired by Lisa & Katie to make cute little things to wear and to put around my room.  I was feeling super crafty & ended up making some things i'm quite proud of :)
Crafting is a fantastic alternative to going out and buying jewelry & hair accessories - because it saves you money and it's also a fun hobby to do over the weekend or whenever you fancy :)

I made an assortment of bows, flowers, & a lone strawberry for my hair as well as earrings.

How i made the cuties!:
I made the bows out of ribbons & hot glued clips that i already owned to the back.
I made the flower clips for my hair by snipping off flowers from this fake bouquet we had around the house & hot glued them to clips.
I made the strawberry clip out of felt.  I sewed the main red part to the green stem, and then sewed little bits with white thread on the red part to look like seeds.  I then hot glued the finished strawberry to a clip.
To make the earrings i found buttons that my mom keeps in a huge container (it's a massive collection from over the years) and found matching ones.  I then hot glued the backs (more toward the top so it kind of hangs off the ear more) to earrings i don't wear anymore :)


ignore my cracked Crackberry :O
Oh!  And i also made this little phone case that i was originally just going to make into a plushie, but discovered my phone would fit in it, so i chopped off what would've been his ears & just sewed around the body, leaving the top open to slide my phone in :).  I wanna name him!  I just can't think of a name...my phone's name is Daisy so it would be cute if they kind of went well together!  Suggestions?  :)

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  1. ooohh they are gorgeous! And that berry case is super cute! <3

  2. aww i love the phone case IT'S SO CUTE!!X

  3. They are all very cute!
    I'll probably try doing some earrings! :D

  4. oh my god soo freekin cute!
    i love the butttonnns eeek.
    youre too damn cute.<3

  5. everything is so cute.



  6. i am loving those anchor ones! They are bloomin marvellous!

    I'm far to lazy to make things... i really should but brownie points to you for being a busy bee!!

    :D Take care x

  7. ah such a cute idea (:

  8. Love it! Very cute and inspiring :D


  9. Aww everything is so cute! You made some gorgeous stuff. I used to always make little things like this, I love craft!

    As for your little guy, when I think of naming things I sometimes go for other languages... i.e since you want to link it with your berry the spanish for berry is Baya lol
    That's my suggestion! xx

  10. Read again that you were linking with Daisy haha sorry... you get my gist though hehe xx

  11. @Kirsty awww that's actually a really cute name! his official name is Baya :) thanks girlie haha xxxx

  12. So so SO cute!
    Left you an award over at my blog

  13. That phone case is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I want one :-) and the jewelry and hair clips you made are so cute too! I just found your blog today and I'm following now, it is great!

  14. that phone case is just adorable!

  15. I made my friend some button earrings because it was her birthday and she loved them!
    Thanks for the idea! :P

  16. @Alice awww, i'm glad she liked them!!!

  17. That phone case is adorable! xx