Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tag: Would You Rather?! ♥

I was tagged by the oh so lovely Masie at My Sweet Diaries & the ever so amazing Fern at FernLaura to do the Would You Rather? tag, so i thought i'd do it!  Thanks for tagging me you sweeties! :)
I love playing this game with my friends, so this tag was practically made for me!  He he he ;)

* Copy this picture & put it into your own post
* Answer all the questions
* Tag as many people as you like
* Tell them that you've tagged them
* See what they answered! :)


Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
Hmm, i'm not quite sure tbh =/

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
Preferably neither!  Goodness, i'm terrible at these questions...

Be rich or famous?

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
Hmm, probably shoe!  Only if the makeup that i did have was filled with amazing products :)

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
Hmm, probably dance :)

Be stranded on a a desert island or in the desert?
How about in a dessert island :) Hahaha, but for real.. desert island.

Have a computer or a TV?
Definately a computer!

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Probably spots because you can make spots really subtle as compared to stripes.. if that makes sense!

Drink out of a teacup or mug?

Recieve a bunch of flowers a box of chocolate?
Both would be lovely, but chocolate i suppose - i'm a sucker for anything chocolate :)

Have a hug or a kiss from someone you love?
A long, huge, bear-hug :)  I adore hugs ♥

Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
Johnny Depp!  Nomnomnomnomnomm.  I would be happy either way though :)

Be a fairy or a mermaid?

A coffee or a cup of tea?
Cup of tea plz :)

Pink or blue nails?

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?
Honestly, probably cold... as long as it snowed :)

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
Amazing house, for sure!

Be kind or funny?
A happy medium between the two :)

Eat sweets or cake?

Hold a tarantula or a snake?
As long as it's not venomous, a snake!

Wear a necklace or a ring?
Necklace :)

Laugh or smile?
Is it even possible to laugh without smiling?!  :D

Be hated or be a hater?
Eek, hate's a strong word.  Be hated.

Wear pearls or beads?
Pearls!  They're so classic & chic, i love them. ♥

If you had to choose, lose your sight or hearing?
Eeeeeek, probably hearing =/

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
Not sure how to answer this one, since i believe in the quality of friends, not quantity!

Love or be loved?
Love. ♥


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