Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Product Storage!

In this post i'm just going to show you girlies how i store my hair products :).  I was going to include this in my makeup storage post (link here), but it would've been too long!

Above all this is a full length mirror, so this is the most convenient place to put all my hair goodies since i can just sit down here, do my hair in the mirror, and all the products i need are right at my fingertips.
I keep all my hairsprays, heat protectants, serums, mousses, brushes, & two dry shampoos in the back, in the container on the right.  The container is actually the top of the box that i got my Curious by Britney Spears gift set in years and years ago haha.  I need to find something pretty, but big enough to store this products!
On the left, i have a plastic 3-drawer container from Walmart that i used to store makeup in - again, not very pretty, but it gets the job done.  I'll show you seperately what's all in there.  On the top of that, i keep the bows & little accessories on clips in a bowl that i made out of clay in the fifth grade (i think it was fifth grade... :)

In the first drawer i keep hair ties, clips to clip up my hair while i'm styling it, a massive amount of bobby pins & a clip in the lid to a class container, and even more bobby pins.

In the next drawer i keep my prettier headbands that i'd actually wear in public - i need more!  I also keep the two vintage clips my grandma gave me ♥

In the bottom drawer i keep my stretchy headbands, as well as the headbands i just wear around the house!

In my closet, which is about 6 feet from the stuff above, i keep all my hair tools such as straightners, curling irons, and a blow dryer in this wicker basket.

How do you ladies store your hair products?


  1. Lovely post :)
    I'm still trying to find a good way to store my hair products but my room is quite small and I don't have a lot of space...
    There are a lot of headbands at claire's. Most of them aren't very pretty, but there are some really cute ones sometimes :P

  2. i just found a storage for mine!
    i used to keep everything on the floor cuz i had no room..but i got a tiny bookcase and i just put 'em on the shelves..it looks so much better than what it used to!

  3. Look at you all organized! I adore that you still have a pot you made by hand years ago...that is so cool!

    I love the idea of curling up on the ground to do your hair...I do my standing at the bathroom mirror (not nearly as comfy :))

  4. This is very organised! Looks great! At the minute mine are all over the place. xx

  5. Your header looks great! Is it new? I love your storage posts (by the way, your link to your make up post isn't there). You make me want to be more girly again - that is a good thing!

  6. Oh how i love storage post's, very organised :) xx

  7. Lovely post!
    Like how it's organised, looks great :)

  8. i love the way you store your stuff! i've needed a new way of doing it, i am totally going to steal your ideas. by the way, don't you just LOVE that tresemme dry shampoo?

  9. @A thank youu! ehh, i have kind of a mixed opinion on it.. i'll most likely be doing a review! :) x

  10. so organised! it looks greeat :) have you tried batise dry shampoo btw?? <33