Saturday, May 22, 2010

A few Friday goodies & another award :)

First of all, sorry for this being the second 'haul'-type post in a row =/  I feel like i'm totally bragging!  Do you ladies like these haul posts?
Anyway, I finally went into Lush for the first time in way too long yesterday and my lovely mother so kindly & unexpectedly treated my two two goodies :)

♥ Lush Floating Island Bath Melt - $7.95
♥ 0.41 lbs of Vanilla in the Mist soap - $10.25
♥ Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof deodorant - LOL, i came home from to school to see this lying on my bed... that's kind of embarassing.

♥ I received the June 2010 issue of Teen Vogue in the mail yesterday!  Amanda Seyfried looks absolutely stunning - i think it's impossible to take a somewhat unattractive photo of her!  There's also a really informative story on tanning beds, i'm making my sister read it!  Also in the issue, there was also a little article on Topshop Makeup, with this lovely image on! :)

♥ I also got this really pretty purple dress (which this picture does not give justice to at all!) from Boston Store by the brand Soprano.  I still have to try it on & see if i like it.  To my disappointment, the fabric is 95% rayon and 5% spandex, not incredibly suitable for summer.  I love cotton dresses, but i'll have to see if this'll do!  I'm looking for summer dresses that can be worn without any bottoms like leggings, shorts, jeggings, etc. :) - originally $38, got for $22.80 with discounts


I was given the Sweet Blog award by the absolutely lovely Dollface_24!!
Thanks so much hun! :)


Expect reviews from me on the Lush goodies!  Hope you are all having a spectacular weekend, i heard there was sun across the pond today!


  1. Well done on the award hun! :) xx

  2. I certainly enjoy haul posts! I don't suppose it mentions where the girl in that Teen Vogue article got her earrings?? They're so cute. Congrats on the award!

  3. @Cupcake since magazines are required to give credit for clothing & accessories & such, i looked them up for you! Tous earrings, $209 from :) xx

  4. I love haul posts! And that dress is gorge

  5. adddoooring that dress dolll.
    it is too cute.
    i wanna see ya in ittt.<3333